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Rust Never Sleeps 3

Here are previous installments, and I’m just observing in this post;  although most vessels I see have intact coatings, others really need a trip to the shipyard for some paint. The stern of Maersk Columbus was fine, but the bow had some extraordinary streaks of rust. Cosco Istanbul had some need of some work generally […]

Rust Never Sleeps 2

Big event this week:  Wednesday, Oct 21 . . . Rust/River:   Jessica Dulong reads from My River Chronicles amid Pamela Talese’s painting, juxtaposed below with my fotos.  Here’s Pamela’s Matthew Tibbetts and mine . . . in the 2008 Tugboat Race. Her Marcus Hanna and my Katherine Walker.  Hmmm . . . wonder if […]

Rust Never Sleeps

is the  name of Pamela Talese’s show (til end of October) at Atlantic Gallery at 135 W 29th Street Suite 601 in Manhattan.  Pamela and I share some large interests . . . like her take on Alice Oldendorff and and mine. Hers of Penobscot Bay, now gearing up for ice-breaking duty, and mine. Charleston, […]

Spring at South Street Seaport

A year ago I was pessimistic and wrote a bleak post and made this offer.  I have now officially passed some benjamins.   Last Saturday I went back to the South Street Seaport Museum and the new life excited me.  First, there’s this new blog, which I hope continues.  My friend John Watson, volunteer at […]

Ladders 2

With the pilot still aboard this ship bound for sea, his egress awaited. I must learn more about the lot of pilots, but the crewman here retracted this pilot’s ladder This one still hangs almost to the waterline. See the crewman under the upper house of Mary Alice?  Well . . . here he is […]

Plethora of Cranes

I’d say a “dance of cranes,” but then you’d think of the plumed type.  So plethora will have to stand in.  If you look at any links in this post, check out this one from November 2007, where the gantry cranes appear to tango . . . or duel with booms as blades maybe . […]

651 Years of Tugs

The Yahoo tugboat groups has recently hosted an interesting discussion on “oldest” tugs in the United States, North America, or US-built.  Here’s a batch I’ve seen in the past year. Baltimore . . . 1906, afloat in Baltimore. Rose . . . 1906,  afloat in Camden, NJ. Jupiter . . . 1901, afloat in Philadelphia. […]

Fronts and Posts

… as in frontals and posteriors. Head-on, a ship positively looks like a sentient being, maybe because like a head, it is symmetrical:  hawses like eyes and in the case of many ships, a bow not unlike the ridge of a nose or beak.  Zim Savannah approaches and I shoot into the sun. In this […]

Weather 2

Technically this is a post about the effects of weather;  I couldn’t document the wind-driven snow because it happened in darkness.  Maybe you witnessed it; I took the coward’s way out and crawled into bed early.  I trudged out early to record these effects like the wreath on Liberty IV having more frosting than two […]

No Name Fleet 3

Rust never sleeps; nor do fungi.  My first and second posts on this yard are here as one and two;  I’d love to imagine these boats could be restored like this ACF J’Ador III, but mosses and mushrooms are powerful and mahogany though beautiful is vulnerable, and with neglect,  hardwood turn soft and planks split apart […]