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Thanks to Russell Skeris

The photo below comes via Russell Skeris, who seems to have gotten it from Fred Miller II . . . to keep credits where they belong.  Click here for two previous posts Russell contributed to.  I’m curious where this photo was taken, given the US/Canadian flags on the mast.  And when?  It would have to be […]

Other Peoples Photos 69

In my effort to catch up on shared photos, let me start with one I’ve heard about for a few years but never seen yet. Al Circeo shared these next two over a month ago.  Is this tug still over at Mariners Harbor?  Does anyone know what her owners plan for her? At one point […]

Marie J. Turecamo

See the name clearer of the stern here than the bow?  See the distinctive tender? This vessel with the unique davits and radar is not the same vessel.  And the woman in black with a bow in her hair at the stern, she is the namesake for both boats.  The gray, black, and white photos, complements of […]

Really Random Tugs 26

Thanks to the many folks contributed to this post. First, Russell Skeris sent this along of a James Turecamo in Turecamo livery.  Given all the flags, might this have been taken by an unknown photographer quite near her launch in 1969? Next, hats off to Rand Miller who caught this photo of a brilliant red […]