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Round Island Passage Farewell

Departure time meant we couldn’t watch Paul R. Tregurtha transit the passage on this brilliant day, but that’s life. On our way out, Corsair passed one more time with a load of hay . . .   My references here are inadequate to say whether Mackinac Islander, laid up here, was built in the same […]

Round Island Passage Splash

A combo of current and breeze makes for spectacular splash . . . And in a place of such clear water and natural beauty . . . it’s uplifting. Even with stolid lakers like John J. Boland and American Mariner, this interplay of forces makes a display. Small boats appear nearly submerged. x   This […]

From Round Island Passage

Round Island is an uninhabited island between the islands of Mackinac and Bois Blanc.  Big traffic passes through a relatively narrow passage between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Edwin H. Gott transited recently.  Gott, as I’ve read, has a self-unloader boom longer than standard. Even at 280′ the boom looks small compared with the 1000′ […]

From Round Island Passage 2

When you have a big horizon, unlike the case in my cliff dwelling near the sixth boro, sunrises make getting up and out a must. And when a laker–in this case RadcliffeR. Latimer seen illuminated by the first rays of dawn– shares it with you, start of day comes with a high.     Later […]

Clyde S. VanEnkvort

I’ve seen this tug once . . . all in blue, DonJon blue.   Over the winter, though,, she changed hands and is now registered in Escanaba MI as Clyde S. VanEnkvort.  Clyde pushes Erie Trader, a 740′ barge with a 38,000-ton capacity. She’s a big ore barge. All photos by Will Van Dorp, at […]

Bright Lights 7

Today’s post goes up at the theoretical sunrise on the shortest day of the year in the sixth boro;  the solstice is here, and I’m grateful the days can’t get any shorter this year.  It’s 58 degrees (!!) but blustery, rainy right now, so there won’t be an observable sunrise.  Now we start moving back […]

12 Lights b

The answer to the question in part a of this series is  . . .   Faro San Giorgio Maggiore, “faro” meaning “light.”  And today, the winter solstice, with only 9 hours and 15 minutes of daylight in the sixth boro,  has to be the best time to do another post about lighthouses. Before we get […]

Thanks to George Schneider 1

George sent me these photos months ago, and I apologize for leaving them in storage for so long. But since I have a lull in traveling, these photos need to come out now, starting with Deschenes, about which I’ll have more to say at the end of this post.  This photo was taken in the […]

Rounding Bergen Point 2

10:18  Note Shooters Island.  Charles D. McAllister is on port bow, out of sight.  An unidentified Vane unit (yellow front) stands off to allow the containership to round the bend.  Maurania III is on starboard near stern. Bergen Point is more than a 90-degree turn. 10:21  With the Zim ship through the turn, the Vane unit moves through.  The […]

Erie Canal Mystery

So I stood on Peebles Island, across from the eastern terminal of the Erie Canal, examining the Tug Roundup, happening around the brick Waterford Welcome Center with its large round window. Musicians played bluegrass and traditional canal songs on the stage improvised on the blue-and-gold canal barge, Grand Erie, a government boat. W. O. Decker, […]