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Government Boats 58

The sixth boro has lots of government boats . . .  aka taxpayers’ boats, like the 29 Defiant… This RB-M appears to be training a large crew. This BUSL is headed out for some ATON work. Besides the many federal boats, NYC has its own fleet including three GUP carriers of this latest class.  This […]

Government Boats 55

Off New London USCGC Coho and a 45′ response boat take part in training off Race Rock Light and then later off Little Gull Island Light, with the 87′ towing the 45′ boats. A regular in the sixth boro is USCGC Beluga. The 29′ patrol boats monitor lots of activities in the harbor;  here they […]

Names 39

But then there’s the NYC Ferry opened service just over two years ago.  Here’s my post on Day 1, when I rode the ferry from Wall Street to Rockaway and back.  Somehow I’d missed news about the source of  names like Ocean Queen RockStar and Rainbow Cruise.  Other names include Urban Journey, Friendship Express, Lunch […]

People Movers 10

I read the sign and decided to wait until the greeters had left and then bought a round trip ticket at Pier 11 for less than what I’d pay for a bagel and coffee and got on the next ride to the Rockaways.  If you want to know specs and dimensions and such right now, […]


All photos today come thanks to John Huntington.  Check out his new site here, one which I mentioned a week and a half ago here. Here are the basics on what you are looking at, mostly from John’s caption:  “FAR ROCKAWAY, QUEENS, NEW YORK CITY, NY/USA – FEBRUARY 25, 2016: The 24 meter (78 foot) scallop […]

Tis the Season

Tis the season . . .  to keep your eyes and ears on the weather.  In 1938 . . . before hurricanes had names or we had satellites to track them thousands of miles off, a big one came ashore on Long Island, a once-a-century-or-longer storm.   Do you know this structure below? Here’s the […]

Wise Ratty

Back in mid-January, I’d planted myself up in Fort Wadsworth to see a new ship come in.  While I was there, I saw this CMA CGM vessel leave, racing this sailboat. As the sailboat passed, I caught the name, which certainly made me wonder who Ratty is and what wisdom Ratty possesses other than leaving town […]

More Cutterheads

Here’s GLDD’s cutter suction dredge Florida as seen from above the cutter head and from alongside.  I took the first three photos in this post. Here’s Weeks cutter suction dredge C. R. McCaskill,  with Sea Wolf serving as a tender. USACE E. A. Woodruff was built in 1873 and worked the Ohio. Technically, I think Woodruff was […]


Here was GUP 3, and here was one GUP-related post since then, about the sale of a peer of the vessel below.  In case you don’t check the links and are wondering what GUP is, it’s my neologism for “gross universal product,” AKA sewage.  I’m doing this post now as a complement to my article […]


Here were 1 and 2 of this series, and here was a much earlier post about NYC DEP’s essential service. Below is North River and Hunts Point as seen from Rockaway. Port Richmond heads into Hell’s Gate, Red Hook in the distance and Port Richmond passing by, and finally all three new boats with Red Hook […]