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Road Fotos 39

How fortunate to catch Paul R. Tregurtha on her first upbound trip through the Soo!   She’s the last product of the shipyards in Lorain OH, which was the first stop on this gallivant. Just ahead of Tregurtha was James R. Barker, another product of Lorain, here waiting to enter the locks. An impulse stop […]

Road Fotos 38

Even gallivants have destinations, and her it is, the Bayfield peninsula, one of the best places to see fish tugs, to be included in a number of upcoming posts, following on these past ones. South Twin was built in 1938 in Bayfield and is now out of the water, but many more like Gary (1945) still […]

Road Fotos 37

Action in the 1979 movie Alien only begins when crew of the space tug Nostromo comes out of hyper sleep.  Travel on the Interstate system is similar to sci-fi space travel:  you don’t see much until you awaken from the hyper-vigilance of 70 or more mph and cruise the two-lanes.  I might not post the next few […]

Road Fotos 36

Here are the previous ones. One of the joys of driving is the serendipity–even if guided . . . thanks, GT–of noticing the entirely unexpected, like the device below.  Any ideas?  If GT hadn’t mentioned this, I probably would not have thought twice about this weathered industrial object.  And it’s for sale.  For the right […]

Road Fotos 35

This post quite directly follows on 14 in this series, from two years ago.  Just fotos today, all taken since the winter solstice.  Call this where roads go and where they end. Before you leave . . . sign out. All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Road Fotos 34

Even 600 miles away, I can feel the pull of Saturday’s gathering.  Signs point north even atop Carteret Academy. Feral horses can try to hold me here, but after one last look around this area of the Outer Banks, I’ll head north.  This last look will show Robert Burton, Jack Holland, Grace Moran and Fort […]

Road Fotos 33

Heard of Morehead City?  Know much about it?  It turns out to be quite the bustling port, with Grace Moran, Na Hoku . . . previously of the sixth boro, a pilot named Able, Fort Moultrie and Matamoros, Snell, and Aurora.  More on this later. All fotos today by Will Van Dorp.  More soon. And […]

Road Fotos 32

Catching up on old business . . . the vintage sixth boro NYC fotos in yesterday’s post come compliments of Seth Tane, currently living in Portland, Oregon but a working resident on New York waters 30 years ago.  Tugster will feature more of those fotos in upcoming posts to illustrate the dramatic change that three […]

Road Fotos 31

The foto below is a repeat, last one of previous post . . . and I stated I was hoping I could find Portland.  Well . . . I did!! Port of registry on this Foss tug reiterates that.  Not much time for research or commentary on my part, so enjoy the fotos.   Although […]

Road Fotos 30

Trying to do a drive-through of maritime Maine in a few days is as futile as trying to tease town genealogy from its graffiti, but I’m a fool and I rush in. It was 20-something years ago that I last saw this exhibit of generations of lobstering boats at Maine Maritime Museum. Since then, MMM […]