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Riverbanks 10

Here are previous installments focusing on background. Sometimes the partial reveal and the juxtaposition highlight what’s on the shorelines, like those triple deckers in Bayonne that would blend in perfectly in many 19th century mill towns. Or the hugely forgotten Singer plant in Elizabeth, hugely forgotten by most residents of Elizabeth, that is.  Imagine, if someone […]

Riverbanks 9

This is looking down an 18% grade at L’Isle-aux-Coudres.  Note the two ships–Algoma Mariner and an orange-hulled bunker called Federal Tyne–in the narrow channel.  The river is much wider on the far side, but shallower.   A photo of Federal Tyne appears at the end of this post. Tide is out. Tidal fluctuation here is […]

Riverbanks 8

Recognize this location for sixth boro riverbank living? The fine print there says USNS GySgt. Fred W. Stockham (T-AK-3017), which was just outside the VZ Bridge a few days ago. Now it’s over by FDNY Marine 9, as if it were someone’s yacht.  The complex finally looked open, so I wandered in and here’s what I saw . . . […]

Riverbanks 7

This series goes back to 2006, when I had no idea where it would end up a decade on.  Click here to see past installments.  All the photos in this post I took between Prescott ON and the start of the Beauharnois Canal. Below . . . it’s the light at the location of the […]

Riverbanks 6

Being responsible for our wake, we slow down when we see folks fishing or just small boating.  But when you can’t see folks . . . All photos by Will Van Dorp . . . along the Canal in central NYS.

Riverbanks 5

Portions of NYS Canals run in the rivers, like here . . . where not a trace of human control of nature can be found except here and there a navigational aid, and it would surprise no one if a sasquatch would appear on the bank. But railways and highways paralleling the canal are there, even though […]

Riverbanks 4

Here was 3 with links to 1 and 2. I’ve been so far unable to find the original use of this barge, but I haven’t expended much shoe leather either. Click on the foto below from the July 21, 1977 NYTimes for an article on Michael O’Keefe’s barge restaurant opening.  Anyone identify the tug? Bulk […]

Riverbanks 3

Riverbanks 1 and 2 appeared more than four years ago.  And it’s interesting to see what associations I made then.  This is a look at riverbanks elsewhere, outside the sixth boro context.  Take Baton Rouge and sixth-boro built USS Kidd, possibly an indicator of low-water Mississippi watershed. In Memphis, it’s the formidable levees and winter-idled […]

Riverbanks 2

The riverbanks tendril has shriveled a bit, but riverbanks in the boro fascinate in what’s there besides the few waterfront essential businesses, parks, and luxury residences.  People who understand these walls’ orientation as “front” decorate with care, as here on Newtown Creek, once America’s busiest waterway and now an unintended science experiment. Exotic foliage lasts […]


  East River, Hudson River, the Kills… they flow through a metropolis that loves them, uses them, and sometimes turns its back on them. In the latter attitude toward the waters, the metropolis abandons the watersides to the very passionate. Traveling then through the sixth borough gives as many views as a prism gives colors. […]