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Relief Crew 16

Here was 15.  The first relief crew post appeared here over seven years ago.  The idea is to feature someone else’s photos and/or writing, just because so many of you see, photograph, and write such interesting stuff AND –of course–because collaboration is such powerful leaven. All these photos today come from Birk Thomas.  The event was […]

Nautic Narrows News 2

OK, I know today is blue skies and clear air, but yesterday I stood in the rain at the Narrows waiting for an exotic vessel that I knew wouldn’t arrive for a while.  But around virtual sunrise . . . virtual because the sun never rose or set all day . . . this was […]

Errant Ferry 2

Here was the first in this series.  I’d also thought of this as prodigal ferry.  Strangely enough, the Staten Island ferries travel all the way to Colonna Shipyard in Norfolk for maintenance.   Towed by Eileen McAllister, Molinari returned this morning.  Note the twin lights near Sandy Hook in the background. Standing by here, it’s Charles […]

Olympia as Metaphor

Thanks for some of your comments. Sorry for the blurry pic, but these are the words of President McKinley on a plaque inside Olympia.  I include them here because they seem appropriately addressed to the vessel itself now.  The entire quote is here.  Santiago Playa was the location of the largest naval actions of the […]

Mystery Tow 2

Doesn’t that look like the Staten Island shore out beyond this color foto of Utrecht?  And the towline stretches taut with 3100 gross tons of steel, a hull that wants to sprint its 16 knots and some: the bark Peking, late summer 1975, approaching the Narrows for the first time ever, as its previous route […]

Peking 5

Your responses prompt another post about Peking. Be sure to see the slide show at link at the end of this post, which features a barque with similar lines but older.   Concentration etches the face of the tug captain. Attention holds the deckhand ready at the h-bitt.   Excitement shows in riding crew.   […]

Peking 4

What was it like to cruise across the bay on Peking? I’m grateful to South Street Seaport for inviting me on as riding crew so that I could offer an answer.   The crewman on this tug (Elizabeth McAllister) certainly understood how momentous Peking‘s jaunt across the harbor was. To him and anyone else who […]

Carnavalons 2

The premier event of Carnaval de Québec has become ice canoeing, a unique sport stemming from early French settlement along the St. Lawrence:  in summer boats connected the opposite sides of the river, and in winter sleds traversed, but during the times between, canoes alone could provide this contact.  The need for treacherous crossings ended after the introduction […]

Road Fotos 23

Seeing and riding SS Badger is a goal that’s been acomplished, a pilgrimage made.  And I will return to more fotos of Badger soon, but along the road we looked for nirvana, too.  Nirvana, Michigan . . .  it’s a place name on my road atlas, and unsuccessfully I looked for a post office and […]

Random Ships 15

Other than the anchor chain scars, what struck me about this vessel was the apparent lack of a bulbous bow and the long straight lines of depth marks:  red coating changes to blue at 47.’   Any idea on cargo? If that’s graffitti around the  plimsoll marks, then this is the first time I ever […]