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Rio Waters Retrospective

Some of you may remember the January River, or JR, posts I did three years ago in July.  I went to Brasil because my daughter was there, and she’s a fluent Portuguese speaker.   I had a great time, swam in several places, and never got sick.  I’m putting some photos never posted here up today […]

Tugster Retrospective 2013

Here’s what I did around this time last year as a look back.  As intro, I’d say about the same this year about the number of new fotos and the way I chose these.  Subjective is the operant word. January 2013 . . . one day I caught a seldom seen Jennifer Miller passing Robbins […]

Retrospective 4

Some random shots from–more or less–a year ago . . . October 23, 2012 and the eerie calm before the storm. October 29, 2012, in a different part of the sixth boro, here’s the last look of an intact boardwalk. October 30, 2012, floating toothpicks . . . and waterlogged cars. October 31, 2012 and […]

Tugster Retrospective 2012

My library for the time period  January 1, 2012 until today contains 11,244 fotos.  Starting from tomorrow, any 2012 fotos will be taken along the road.  So I decided to choose ONE foto per month, quite subjectively and without regard for this foto having previously been featured here.  I don’t claim these are the best […]

Retrospective 3

Here are my posts from June 2 and 3 last year.  It was the day Maltese Falcon stooped across the bay with all sail set, sending the orange boat in the foreground to flee in panic, as if prey. Crew on the barge pushed by the McAllister tug to the left clock it at nearly […]

Retrospective 2

Unpacking a suitcase or knapsack I like to be fast;  unpacking my head after a trip I like to be slow.   The foto (doubleclick enlarges) below I took Christmas morning 7:57 am . . . Hiwassee River under I-75 . . . it was so moody, so unwelcoming of Christmas scenes that I stopped […]

Old Years 2020

I don’t celebrate holidays much, but “old year’s day” I take seriously, to look back and assess.  Today’s post features photos you may remember from 2020.  I chose these from the several thousand photos I put into public domain this year.  It’s a personal and subjective exercise;  on a different day I might choose another […]

Retro Sixth Boro 28

I hope you all enjoy looking at these retro posts as much as I do putting them together.  I’m seeing that 2010 was the year I started to gallivant extensively, so the division for July 2010 retrospective is part a is for local, and part b will be for away. Count the boats in the […]

Old Year 2018

I’ve mentioned before about my people the Dutch celebrating “old years day” on December 31.   As the child of immigrants, I’m blessed by this one of many ways they see the world differently, a perspective I’m happy to share.  So here is a retrospective of the year, the result of a process of scanning […]

Port Weller ON to Phoenix NY

Port Weller is the north terminus of the Welland Canal, and as such, sees either a pilot boarding or debarking, which was the case here. Mrs C has an equally attractive fleet mate at Port Colbourne, the southern terminus. The vessel in the background left will appear in an upcoming post. Some 80 miles to […]