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Relief Crew 21: Jet-Propelled Paddle Steamer

Oops!  I meant this for tomorrow. Today Robin Denny offers his second relief post.  Here are all the previous ones. Clyde paddle-steamer Lucy Ashton operated from 1888 until 1949, at which time she was taken out of service and was about to be broken up.  But scrapping or reefing isn’t the only thing to do […]

Something Different 49*

*I could have called this “ports of ___” because I’m not telling you yet where this unexpected location is.  Not yet.  Tomorrow. These photos were sent to me yesterday.  And I’m asking for your help if you chose, later in this post. Here are the wares delivered by the “french bakery” boat. In tomorrow’s post, […]

Relief Crew 20: Sir Walter Scott

Walter Scott‘s 1810 publication of The Lady of the Lake, an epic poem which sold 25,000 copies in eight months, triggered Scottish tourism, by rail and boat. Tourism demand boomed:   the early six or eight oared galleys were replaced by the small 70′ steamboat Rob Roy (1845), then a 90′ steamyacht Rob Roy and lastly […]

Relief Crew 19

. . . comes from the same source as Relief Crew 17, Seth Tane, whose most recent work is called Sea Train.  Back in the summer of 2014, Blue Marlin brought in a dry dock named Vigorous–the largest in the US.  It came on the back of Blue Marlin from ZPMC.  That dry dock is […]

Relief Crew 18b

Back in Trinidad, what is NEC Pride escorting in . . . along NEC Spirit? It’s Global 1200. It’s Sea Strength .  . . part of the A. R. Singh fleet. Also in that section of the port, it’s Falcon Explorer. All photos come thanks to my sister.

Relief Crew 18

Here was 17.  Click here or use the search window on the left to revisit all the posts in this series.  All photos in this post come from my sister currently in the Gulf of Paria, off Trinidad, a place calling me .  . I feel it! This isn’t the only tug named Tenacious, but […]

Relief Crew 17

aka Blue Marlin‘s Vigorous cargo, with all photos and most text by Seth Tane, whose painting site has long been linked to this blog AND who took the photos of the sixth boro during the 1970s and ’80s that he and I collaborated on last year in the 10-post series I called “sixth boro fifth dimension.”  By the way, […]

Relief Crew 16

Here was 15.  The first relief crew post appeared here over seven years ago.  The idea is to feature someone else’s photos and/or writing, just because so many of you see, photograph, and write such interesting stuff AND –of course–because collaboration is such powerful leaven. All these photos today come from Birk Thomas.  The event was […]

Relief Crew 15: Operation Noah

Narrative by Pamela Syndercombe, sent to me as email, abridged by me.  It’s winter in South Africa. “I set off in my bakkie  (small pickup) to watch the progress up the Rooi Hooghter Pass, which one climbs to enter Villiersdorp.   The vintage tractors trundled slowly along to gather just outside the village to escort […]

Relief Crew 14

It was 2330 (11:30PM) when we were called for the Midwatch. USS Tringa (ASR-16)  was enroute Rota, Spain from New London for a regular Med deployment, steaming due East at latitude 32 North on a Standard bell at 13.5 knots. Night watches, unless some particular evolution was taking place, were generally pretty quiet. Frequently, quiet conversations would take […]