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Retro Sixth Boro (and beyond) 27 b

I vividly recall June 2010.  Let’s take June 3.  The two Hornbeck tugs there are Erie Service and Eagle Service, now Genesis Valiant and Genesis Eagle.  Minerva Anna is at one of the easternmost IMTT docks; today she’s eastbound in the Indian Ocean. But in the middle of it all,  GLDD’s Liebherr 966 was getting […]

. . . and Anne’s Return

Welcome home, schooner Anne and Reid Stowe.  (Doubleclick enlarges the fotos.)  Quoth my favorite talking pigeon upon seeing these fotos:  “Na dat fella Reid him make too much gallivant long one.”  Mermaids and seamasters and dolphins and fish armies have decorated the hull nicely, adding outlandish designs.  Reid waved as excitedly as he did 1152 […]

Tagster 7

Tagster 5 was posted exactly a year ago, so I’m taking that as license to revisit the series… today, when people put on masks.  Murals on buildings add color and design.  Whenever I have time to kill in a new or even familiar city, I wander around, getting exercise while at the same time looking […]

More Pioneer: Request

A bit of chain . . . and the onboard scenes like the ones I posted the past two days . . . these are the only views of Pioneer I got.  Simple request:  if you shot any good scenes of Pioneer heeled over or otherwise playing tag in the 20-30 mph winds on Thursday, […]

Anne: A Thousand Plus Days Ago . . .

April 22 2007 . . . schooner Anne heads out for a very long time.  Goal:  to sail without landfall for 1000 days.    I took this foto several miles outside the Narrows, one of my last of Reid, Soanya, and Anne bound for sea, and I was nervous for them.  Today . . . […]