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Random Tugs 336

Solo and over along the Connecticut shore last week, it’s Joker, with her distinctive lines and livery. The other dawn, Ava M. was returning from a job.  It was sunny and clear, but with all the rain of the previous day, lots of moisture remained in the air. Taken an hour or so later, Eastern […]

Random Tugs 335

Not many Bouchard boats are moving these days;  the 2016 Frederick, 125′ x 38 and 6140 hp, is an exception. I took this just after sunrise for the backlit effect. The 1961 Caitlin Ann stays busy;  her 2400 hp moves the 79′ x 24′ hull and whatever the load is. Note equipment of at least […]

Random Tugs 334

Saving fuel . .  . Foxy3 has Rae alongside and they’re passing a wall of a hull, or is that a hull of a wall…. Coral Coast is usually on a cement barge, but not now . . . . Can you name that tugboat? Let’s do regression, with Foxy3 and Rae approaching that tanker […]

Random Tugs 333

Mackenzie Rose and Paul Andrew are eastbound, and Mary Turecamo, westbound.   A light Haggerty Girls westbound, passing Laurie Ann Reinauer. Kimberly Poling moves a barge out of the Kills.   A bulker in the anchorage gets bunkered by Kings Point.  Katya Atk needs to repaint the name on the starboard bow. And Helen Laraway […]

Random Tugs 332

Mornings on the KVK can be busy. Above, Sea Fox (1971) follows Barney Turecamo (1995), and below, Kimberly Poling (1994) is followed by Mary H (1981) Kimberly Turecamo (1980) and Marjorie A. McAllister (1974) head east to escort different incoming ships. Chesapeake Coast (2012) assists Gulf Coast (1982) moving the cement barge out into the […]

Random Tugs 331

Mary Turecamo, 4300 hp ad waiting for a ship at the Narrows, could not look better.  She’s an almost 40-year-old product of Matton Shipyard.  In fact, she was their last product. Christiana heads out as Virginia, 1440 hp and launched in 1979,  comes in from sea, out of the haze. Christiana was launched in Marinette WI […]

Random Tugs 330

Here’s an extraordinarily busy photo;  Nicole Leigh is about to ease right around Shooters.  Beyond that tug, a half dozen or so more tugboats, an antenna, a bridge, a refinery, steam . . . Gulf Coast waits in front of a 12-pack of IMTT silos. Navigator continues shuttling around, moving fuel. Buchanan 5 is not […]

Random Tugs 329

Sea Fox as a cold front moves across the Upper Bay. Mary Turecamo off to the next job. Dorothy J returns from an assist.  I’ve lots more photos of the assist to post soon. Joyce and James eastbound in the KVK to start the work day. Dean Reinauer heads over to fuel up. Kings Point […]

Random Tugs 328

Justine has been back in the sixth boro awhile now after quite some time away. She’s a 1982 product of Jakobson, one of the last half dozen built there.  From this angle she reminds me of Siberian Sea, now Mike Azzolino.  She works with 4000 hp. Recent days have seen a convergence of the Cape-class, […]

Really Random Tugs 47

Location 1?  Do you know this tug? Location 2.  Tug Rachel is with this unusual looking cargo ship, Lihue. Viking pushes southbound past Castle Rock and Comet northbound along the Hudson River. Near the west end of the East River, it’s C. Angelo and near the east end, it’s Navigator with GT Bulkmaster heading west […]