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Random Tugs 362

Two separate parties sent me this article from the LA Times.  With a title including the phrase “humble tugboat,”  I was interested but not prepared for the fantastic photos.  Thx John and George.  Enjoy.  Meanwhile, here are some more of my recent photos. James D. Moran assisting on a towline above and Robert Weeks leaving […]

Random Tugs 361

Photos from the sixth boro . . . although I’m a thousand miles away and in the eastern mountains…  1974 ex-Exxon Ocean State and and slightly smaller 1975 ex-Exxon Granite State, now Marjorie B. McAllister and Brendan Turecamo. The 1999 ex-Crosby Knight now Stephen Dann was pushing a Centerline barge.  The 2009 ex-Allison Crosby is […]

Random Tugs 360

Over in Stapleton only one Bouchard tugboat remains. That was true when last I looked, which was last week.  Jane A. is no longer where I saw it, outside the dry dock in Bayonne.   Evelyn Cutler was hauled out on the MOTBY peninsula.    Barry Silverton was headed south past the CNJRR Terminal.  Atlantic […]

Random Tugs 359

Laurie Ann Reinauer is pushing RTC 85 for an appointment somewhere the Kills.  Meagan Ann moves dredge spoils out of MOTBY.   Thomas D. Witte stems with another scow as Meagan Ann passes by. J. Arnold takes the Back Channel over to Claremont. James William heads for an assist.   A fact about Buchanan 12 […]

Random Tugs 358

I’m posting early today and can’t guarantee I’ll be able to move this on to FB the next few days because I’m traveling.  So, sign up to get new posts straight to your email.  Also check the note at the end of this post. Here’s one that got away:  the tug to the right is […]

Really Random Tugs 48

We’re going west to east to south to farther east in today’s post, starting with the Missouri River north of Omaha by about 50 miles at the port of Blencoe IA.  From here grain and soybeans are barged all the way to the New Orleans area for transshipment to foreign markets.  That’s MV Tony Lippman […]

Random Tugs 357

Quick photo tribute to the variety of the sixth boro . . . with Kirby and Jonathan C. heading for an assist, Diane B moving petroleum product to the creek terminals, James E. pushing a mini scow, Durham moving a scow named Wheezer, Curtis returning fro the base to her barge, Gregg assisting Lady Malou, […]

Random Tugs 356

I hope you’re enjoying the morning light as much as I am.  The first four shots here were all from roughly the same location.  I took this one of Seeley first with the sun mostly behind me, and then the next three with the sun on my right side.  The lower 40s temperatures make sea […]

Random Tugs 355

Happy 31st, aka Halloween, World Savings Day, Day of Seven Billion, National Candy Apple Day, Annual visit a cemetery or graveyard day . . . and more.  If you need suggestions for a graveyard, consider this one.  And just yesterday, I learned of this one and this one.  Who knew?!!?  Want to revisit a tugster […]

Random Tugs 354

The sixth boro offers many vistas.  Enjoy a few, starting with Sarah D towing a deeply loaded scow past Bay Ridge.  At sunrise, Atlantic Salvor and Patrice McAllister head in the same direction for different tasks past Stapleton Heights. Jonathan C works shipside on the ConHook range in the sixth boro Julie Anne heads north […]