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Random Tugs 295

Blessings of summer heat, if you don’t have to work out in it, are best relished right after dawn, or from the shade.  I chose the first option here as Barney Turecamo, made up to Georgia, gets an assist in rotating from Turecamo Girls. Once pointed, a burst of power from its 5100hp EMDs commits […]

Really Random Tugs 46

Happy 4th of July.  Here’s some sixth boro, some heartland, and some Pacific Northwest.  Here‘s the series. But let’s start with Robert IV, a workhorse who last appeared in this blog here. Hundreds of Cheyenne photos have appeared on this blog, showing her in a range of colors and trims; this photo was taken last week […]

Random Tugs 294

Capt. Willie Landers last appeared here  several years ago;  she lost a substantial mast to gain an upper wheelhouse. She came in during my favorite time of day. She met Atlantic Sail off Stapleton. Meredith left a barge alongside Orange Victoria and went on to other assignments. Troy’s pride Sarah D moved a stone scow […]

Random Tugs 293

Mary Turecamo has the distinction of having been built at Matton Shipyard near Waterford.  She’s a big boat:  106′ loa and 4300hp. James William was originally Lisa Moran.  She’s 77′ and generates 2800hp propelled by three screws. Barney Turecamo, built in 1995, was intended to push cement barges.  She’s 116′ and rated at 5100hp. Brendan […]

Random Tugs 292

On we go . . .  Alexandra does not appear frequently here. If my count is correct, this is only the third time since and including 2008 that this 120′ x 34′ 4000hp boat’s been posted here.  She’s currently working on a dredging project near Sandy Hook. An action shot here of Mister T doing […]

Random Tugs 291

Now that I’m at installment 291 of this series, I’m rethinking the adjective random.  Check out these meanings old and new here. But “random” it is until I come up with a better word.  I’d rejected the descriptor “miscellaneous” when I first started.  How about one from this list:  some, select, chance, serendipitous, entropic, stochastic […]

Random Tugs 290

Nathan G comes toward the Narrows with a max loaded scow. B. Franklin Reinauer heads into the Kills   Hunting Creek heads west and Jacksonville, east.  By the way, what is that blue flag halfway up the mast above? N is for Nicholas Vinik coming by to to assist Genesis Victory with GM 6506 out […]

Random Tugs 289

But first, can you guess the date?  Answer follows. Mackenzie Rose is the newest name for this 2000-built boat, after Vernon C and then Mary Gellatly. Ellen, ex-YTB-793 Piqua, here assists a box boat with a boat on top.   Ex-YTBs can be found in some unusual places. Capt. Brian A. approaches the pilot’s door […]

Random Tugs 288

Stephen Reinauer westbound as the sun heads in the same direction. Mary Turecamo assists an MOL ship into port. Ava M pushes toward the pilot’s door on the side of another container ship. James D heads to the next job amid two container ships in the approaches. Margaret throttles up alongside. James William travels toward […]

Random Tugs 287

It’s hard to believe that this title has come up 286 times before today, but here they all are.  And yet, I’m starting out with a photo of Ellen McAllister, who herself has appeared here hundreds of times, but never quite like this, heading into the  dawn and about to pass an unidentifiable Vane tugboat. […]