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Random Tugs 255

Just for ships and figgles . . . have a glance at 155 and at 55 in this series. While we’re reconnoitering the past, here’s 5. And here’s springtime 2019.  Might this be the last view I get of tug Viking?  Scuttlebutt’s bumped into me saying so. Her first (I believe) appearance on this blog was […]

Random Tugs 254

Stephen B heads light westbound about to pass under the Bayonne Bridge, as Mary H, especially busy during the cold times of the year, pushes some petroleum product in the opposite direction.  Soon leaves will decorate Shooters out beyond her. There’s a pool hall in Queens by the name Shooters, so to clarify, here are […]

Random Tugs 253

Quick post today . . . Bert, Bridgeport, Helen Rhea, Mist, and Tide.  I’m eager to see the new Breeze. And closing the post out, it’s Ava with raked spuds! All photos by Will Van dorp, who has irons in the fire today.  

Random Tugs 252

Resolute rotates into the sixth boro now and again;  her truly best and bushiest fendering make her a welcome sight whenever.  I believe this is the last time I saw her here almost two years ago. Janet D first appeared on this blog here, three years ago.  And here’s something I never realized (or if […]

Random Tugs 251

Here’s a different perspective on the sixth boro, different from my more usual ones.  And in this morning light, Sarah Ann looks like a beauty as she heads somewhere past Robbins Reef Light and well . . . along that island. Let’s continue trying to get some different POVs.  Patricia has some fine lines here […]

Random Tugs 250

To continue on from yesterday’s list . . . I’ve done chugster, jetster, even a gangster . . . though you have to search for it here by scrolling a bit,  but the blog is called tugster, and I’m proud of that some chuckles notwithstanding . . . . This is a cross section for […]

Random Tugs 249

The blog is called tugster, and not tatter, taster, tagster or truckster, as much fun as those digressions may be, being able to be a bit obsessively focused, this is the 249th installment!   If you add in the non-random tug posts, it’s even more than 249. W. O. Decker, the only wooden-hulled tug in […]

Random Tugs 248

Kristin Poling 2006 5000 hp. Severn 2008 4200 hp CMT Otter 1980 1200 hp Gulf Coast 1982 2400 hp All photos by Will Van Dorp, who has more to say . . . just not today.

Random Tugs 247

Take a camera and an hour and a half, hang out at some point along the KVK, if it’s cold then bring some hand and boot warmers and a thermos with hot tea, monitor the scan function on your hand held, and wait.  Soon there’ll be some traffic. Snap away. Winter is a better time […]

Non-Random Tugs 7

Previous installments can be found here. Thomas and Ellen, Thomas and Meagan Ann, Meagan Ann and DS 71 Meagan Ann solo Emily Ann and SMM 157, and Brian Nicholas. All photos by Will Van Dorp.