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Random Tugs Along the St. Lawrence 2

Mostly photos, and all taken between Quebec City and Montreal.  Ocean Charlie is a great name. Ocean Henry Bain moves a barge, possibly from a passenger terminal. x Ocean Intrepide hangs at East Montreal. But here in the South Shore Canal . . . the outlier . . .   Mary E. Hannah is way […]

Random Tugs Along the St. Lawrence 1

Enjoy three views of Ocean Echo II with different contexts:  the Iroquois Dam, a scenic late summer meadow, and the Iroquois lock itself.  Click here for pics dating from the dam and lock construction. A  lot of Ocean Group tugs are included here, but Ocean Cormoran is not . . . Although blue-hulled, VM/S St. […]

Random Tugs 265

A few weeks ago I posted photos erroneously identified as Dorothy J, even though plain as day Robert IV was on the bow.   That’s called distraction.  But the photo below, plain as day, is Dorothy J.  Here was Dorothy J on a foggy morning upriver almost two years ago. Plain as day again . . […]

Random Tugs 264

The 1963 Patricia is always a head-turner, and she was especially so the other morning.  The longer I look at the photo below, the more I imagine it framed. Her throaty sound catches the ear as well.  Am I mistaken or has that color scheme changed a bit? Carolina Coast makes the sugar run all […]

Random Tugs 263

This post, beginning with Miriam Moran juxtaposed with downtown Newark NJ, is intended to demonstrate just how diverse the sixth boro is, in terms of vessels and shorelines. Has Miriam been in the sixth boro all of its 40-year career? Ernest Campbell is 10 years older than Miriam, and did the better part of a […]

Random Tugs 262

Sarah D makes for Global Terminal, Helen Laraway passes an inbound container vessel, Ava M. guides a ULCV in beside a cruise ship, Rebecca Ann moves a light scrap barge, Capt. Brian A. tails a box ship into her berth, Genesis Glory passes GM 11105, Eric McAllister assists a tanker into its berth, Rhea I. […]

Random Tugs 261

Let’s start with the photo I did NOT get, but jag9889 did;  click here to see Resolve Commander and (in the photo stream) the barge it towed Thursday carrying the remaining TZ Bridge structure out to sea.   Bravo jag . . . . I’ve long enjoyed your work. The photo below raises some questions […]

Random Tugs 260

Thanks to Joseph Chomicz, it’s Capt. Latham in Port Elizabeth .  .  . standing by the barge Atlanta Bridge . . .  So here’s my question . . . and answer will be located at the end of this post . . .  in quo vadis? I’ve not seen this boat in a while . […]

Random Tugs 259

Memorial Day weekend 2019 . . .  and we should all remember the meaning, whether we’re working or vacating from work. You can read the names on the vessels or on the tags.           All photos by Will Van Dorp, who’d included no links in this post except the one that […]

Random Tugs 258

For folks who’ve been watching sixth boro traffic much longer than I have, Lyman must conjure up a sense of ressursction that I don’t have whenever I see the profile.  Then called Crusader, she was tripped by her barge and sank just over 30 years ago.  I’ve almost always seen her with barge Sea Shuttle, […]