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Random Tugs 373

Kimberly Poling and barge lie alongside Maritime Gracious for lightering.   Eastern Dawn, here pushing a mini barge, continues to work in the sixth boro, with a base over alongside the dormant Evening Tide.  Bruce A. travels west in the East River after a job over near Throg’s Neck. I love the “whitewater” on the […]

Random Tugs 372

Dana Alexa is another seldom seen tugboat in the sixth boro of NYC; although painted DonJon blue, she’s now a Breakwater Marine boat, I believe. It was good to see the 1958 54′ boat with a barge of what appears to be sheet piling. William F. Fallon Jr. has appeared here several times recently. Robert […]

Really Random Tugs 49

Call this the seldom-seen version of RRT.  I love that blue and the name on this 1954 tugboat. Kenny G …. I caught her tied up on the south side of Hudson River Pier 25, but by the time I got back there, Kenny G had moved tow elsewhere.  And here are a few maybe […]

Random Tugs 371

Adeline Marie was at anchor off the Coney Island Light. Douglas J and a dump scow were shuttling to and from HARS.   Mary Emma was arriving from sea.   Joyce Brown passed a big unstuck green ship,   Stuff is always happening, and all photos, WVD.

Random Tugs 371

Dace lighters STI Excel.   Neptune comes into town again. Buchanan 12 makes a rare appearance light, but everyone needs to refuel periodically. Janet D follows Seeley into the Kills. How a bout a four’fer . . .   counter:  Marjorie, Kristin Poling, Nicholas, and Jordan Rose. Sea Lion heads eastbound. B. Franklin travels west, […]

Random Tugs 370

Bet you can guess where that line leads from the bow of Kirby Moran? Here you go. Jordan Rose has been tied up in Bayonne for a while, but Gregg McAllister passes her on the way to an assist. Michael Miller is one of the venerable tugs of the sixth boro, having worked here since […]

Random Tugs 369

Happy spring.  All photos in this post were taken in winter two days ago and over a six-hour period.  Before noon, the five boros and the next state were obscured out of existence. I really think they didn’t exist during those hours, just like the imaginary sun crossed (??) the imaginary equator at 11:33 NYC […]

Random Tugs 368

Five tugs are grouped in the photo below. Let’s follow these two. Ava and Ellen are off to assist a tanker into a berth at IMTT. Shortly afterward, Kimberly Poling passed by with Noelle Cutler and  Evelyn Cutler followed with Edwin A. Poling.   Beyond Energy Centaur, that would be Kimberly heading upriver. Meanwhile, Ellen […]

Random Tugs 367

Tony A sent this along labeled as “m-o-a-t,” mother of all tugs, and Pacific Reliance is truly a large tugboat at 121′ x 42′ with 9280 hp turning two 12′ diameter propeller and pushing around a 560′ tank barge that carries 155k barrels of liquid product.  But there are larger tugboats.  Justine McAllister gets called […]

Random Tugs 366

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always looking for novelty.  Here’s one, new to me at least, the 4400 hp Chincoteague with Double Skin 802.  I’d love to get closer-up pics one of these days. Nicole Leigh Reinauer, a 7200 hp beauty twenty years almost senior, passes Chincoteague on her way to rejoin her barge, RTC […]