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Random Tugs 390

Call this a continuation of yesterday’s post, but this is a model bow set . . . . Given all the features that could be discussed, focus on these for oldest/newest, smallest/largest, and least/most horsepower.  Also, one of these does not fit with the others, although all are tugboats.  Douglas J Doris Moran Philadelphia Again, […]

Random Tugs 389

Call this the push knee set.  And let’s do it this way . . . given all the features that could be discussed, focus of these for oldest/newest, smallest/largest, and least/most horsepower. CMT Pike.  An aside about CMT Pike is that she was not built with a retractable wheelhouse.  When launched, she had a fixed […]

Random Tugs 388

Even on overcast days, the sixth boro aka NY harbor offers sights.  It’s long been so;  here’s much abridged paragraphs 3-5 Chapter 1 of Moby Dick: [People] stand … fixed in ocean reveries. Some leaning … some seated … some looking over the bulwarks of ships from China… [some] pacing straight for the water…  Nothing […]

Random Tugs 387

Daisy Mae . . . time flies and this 82′ x 30′ and 3200 hp boat has been around since 2017 already. Crystal Cutler, 67′ x 26′ and 1500 hp, I remember when she first arrived in the boro.  I mist be getting old here.  Evelyn Cutler, 117′ x 32′ and 3900 . . . […]

Random Tugs 386

Discovery Coast has been around for over a decade now.  One of my first times to see her was here.  Lightning has only recently been joined by Thunder, here.  Might tugs named for other weather phenomena like hail and fog be coming? Helen was only renamed that earlier this year;  before that, she was  Charles Burton.  […]

Random Tugs 385

or maybe I could call these “roaring 20s” tugs in the sixth boro . . . let’s start with likely the newest of these, maybe the newest in the boro, Charles Hughes, 3000 hp and 90′ x 34′ . She’s a Salisbury-class, the fourth of that class from Chesapeake Shipbuilding.   Another product of the […]

Random Tugs 384

Happy please-go-vote day.  If you know anyone at all who is eligible to vote but won’t, have a chat with that person.  As a New Yorker, I voted over a week ago . . . early voting on a Saturday afternoon. Some photos . . .  and your part is to 1) rank these boats […]

Random Tugs 383

Anyone know the story of this lobster tug over at Pier 81 Hudson River?  Its current name?   Discovery Coast was standing by a tank barge at Pier 8 Red Hook.   Next pier south, Pier 9, Evening Tide hibernates. I guess it’s not true that all parts of “time and tide wait for no […]

Random Tugs 382

Quick post today with sights around the boro . . . like Morgan Reinauer and James William and Alex McAllister and Ava M.McAllister and  Janet D and  Fort Schuyler and  Brinn Courtney and  Ivory Coast.  Note these last two mark the October awareness.  All photos, my hat tip, WVD.  

Random Tugs 381

Marjorie  moves her train cars. Nathan G goes for fuel. Crystal Cutler pushes her barge. Paula Atwell travels light for a change.  CMT Pike does her harbor rounds.  Mister Jim here looks brighter than usual in the morning sun; in cloudy weather, that gray livery obscures details.  Robert IV assists at the stone anchorage. Cape […]