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Random Sixth Boro (and Beyond) 31

I took this photo in Waterford eastern terminus of the Erie Canal on November 1, 2010, and the canal had not yet closed.  I had just returned from part of a transit, and we had met lots of boats.  Although we had been bound for the Great Lakes, most, like the intriguing Baidarka, was bound […]

Random Sixth Boro 9

You can find the first eight installments here. Little C is a relatively seldom seen harbor tug dedicated to Warren George projects. Coal? Navigator these days has been pushing coal around the harbor, coal as I understand it thanks to ws–a frequent commenter here–that was previously intended as fuel to the now-retired Hudson Generation Station. […]

Random Sixth Boro 8

You’d have thought I use this title more often, but it’s been almost three years since it last appeared. I’m starting with this photo of the lightship WLV-612, because this is where I’ll be this evening for a FREE and open-to-the-public 6 pm showing of our documentary Graves of Arthur Kill.  Seats for those who arrive […]

Random Sixth Boro 7

Sun rays descend at 75 degrees as Shelby moves a crane 552 with boom raised as nearly to 90 degrees as it can be and still do work . . . Joyce D. Brown . . .  passes IMTT, where a crane rises A morning RIB patrol shadows, weapon pointed upward . . . James […]

Random Sixth Boro 6

It’s snowing in the sixth boro now, but Sunday–between threatening clods–it looked like this. Let’s start with Discovery Coast and GCS 236. Shelby passing Grace D of D & G Launch Service . . . Buchanan 12, again light . . . And a close up of Discovery Coast . . . and another ending […]

Random Sixth Boro 5

Thank a vet today; in fact, given the number of vets in the country, thank more than one!  And thank Raymond Weeks for shepherding Armistice Day into Veterans Day. The huge vessel–escorted by Maurania III, a RIB, and Ellen McAllister— below may still be in town, but I haven’t seen it and probably won’t this […]

Random Sixth Boro 4

Here was 3, about a year ago. These fotos were all taken yesterday afternoon and evening.  Shannon McAllister . . . a new one for me, an ex-Winslow boat, although here’s a sister Winslow boat that appeared here more than five years ago.   Yes, the Colgate clock is in the process of being reconstructed. […]

Random Sixth Boro 3

I’ll use fotos from the past week, since the past two days have been darky and rainy.  Penobscot Bay is called an ice-breaker, a mission not yet activated this season. M/V Dynamic Striker–with an arresting name–probably wants to forget its high-speed chase on the Indian Ocean two years ago. Susana S and (in the distance) Intrepid […]

Random Sixth Boro 2

I’m always looking for “first-timers” like Sam. Is this the one . . . Sterling Equipment, built 1972?  And it appears to have a Randive unit on the foredeck. Viking, North River bound completes Ellis Island. Reliance heads for the KVK. Tampa, nearly 30 years old, has seen some intrigue in its day. Aha!  the […]

Random Sixth Boro

All these fotos I took yesterday afternoon.  Of all the fotos that were taken in greater New York yesterday, these represent probably one billionth of the total.  Besdies the fotos I took on my camera, I took about 10 others, on four other folks’ cameras.  This is New York in springtime;  these people were from […]