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Random Ships 77

Kodiak Island came in with salt and went out with scrap, which she’s taking to Turkey. St Paul came in escorted by Ellen McAllister.   SM Line is less than five years old, having risen from the ashes of Hanjin.  I’d not noticed them here before, but then again, some change is inconspicuous. Seatrade White […]

Random Ships 76

Lest someone think all container ships built these days or calling in the sixth boro are ULCVs, consider YM Evolution.  She was launched less than 10 years ago and has a teu capacity less than 5000.  The company is based in Taiwan. I’ve seen Ebony Ray before, but this is the first time I post […]

Random Ships 75

Odfjell tankers of this and recent generations all look the same, so since I was able to get only the name, you can conjure up the rest.  Bow Chain here was departing NYC and is currently in Houston.  Previously, Bow Chain appeared on this blog here. Previous Odfjell tankers in the sixth boro include Bow […]

Random Ships 74

Mostly just photos sometimes, like today . . . Wide Bravo dates from 2014.   BW Raven is a year newer. Gustav Maersk must have seemed huge when she was launched in 2008 as Mette Maersk. x Finally, Cosco Shipping Camellia, 2018, wh knows how she’ll be viewed in 2028? That bow surely spritzes up […]

Random Ships 73

An unrelated question to begin:  Have you kissed or do you know Resusci Anne, aka the most-kissed face of all time?  I’ve kissed her more than once.  Answer at the end of the post. Some of you can conclude a lot from this shot: the type of vessel, the company, the location the ship, and […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 7

As mid-autumn displays her beauty at the approach to the Beauharnois Canal in the Seaway, my excitement spiked upon seeing MV Sinaa. Sister ship to Nunalik, Sinaa was certain to be carrying specialized cargo delivery gear.  Here’s the rest of the NEAS fleet.  NEAS expands to Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping. For the difference between Nunavut […]

Random Ships 72

This Stella Polaris . . . a very common vessel name for obvious navigation reasons, is less than 400′ and about 20 years old.  The curious building off the bow is the Boldt Castle Power House and Clock Tower . . .  or BCPHCT. Algoma Conveyor, SLSWmax, was still under construction a year ago in […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 6

It’s another day of mostly but not entirely pics. See the tags for names. Nunalik began life in 2009 as Beluga Fairy.  I love these names. Nunalik is one of the NEAS fleet serving Canada’s north country.  It is Inuit owned. Therefore, it’s name is written in Inuktitut. Sedna is also a name associated with […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 5

Let’s record some of the ships along the same stretch as yesterday’s post did for tug boats, and the names are in the tags. Nordic Barents was discharging iron ore for the Contrecoeur, although I don’t know the provenance of the ore.   The oil port is certainly concentrated.       I took Happy […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 3

Again . . . on the run, chasing food like the finned one in the foreground, Federal Asahi heads down bound chasing who knows what. Maria exits the Saguenay River where she discharged a load of bauxite.     And Insignia, later to be speeding downriver at 21 kts, overtakes us at the last bridges […]