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Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 3

Again . . . on the run, chasing food like the finned one in the foreground, Federal Asahi heads down bound chasing who knows what. Maria exits the Saguenay River where she discharged a load of bauxite.     And Insignia, later to be speeding downriver at 21 kts, overtakes us at the last bridges […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 2

In the narrow channel of the SLSW leading between Lake Ontario and Montreal, you can see salties and lakers fairly close up, as you can in the St. Clair area. Enjoy these. A bright day with fluffy but unsettled clouds enhances photos.   Most of these boats I’ve seen before, as you can trace by […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 1

It’s time to start a new series . . . with BBC Leda. Will cargoes of wind turbine parts ever stop?  What will replace them as the next big thing? This winter–or when I stay in place for a while–I might figure out how many of these Trillium class CSL boats I’ve seen.   I’ve […]

Random Ships 71

How’s your Greek? Cape Taft, here with Miriam Moran, has been in the boro before. Stolt Ocelot appears on the blog for the first time, as  Fivelborg and Maria G. await dock activity. Here’s USNS Sisler dug in before she departed for sea trials. Celebrity Summit is currently in port  . . . for enough […]

Random Ships 70

Compare the bows of two tankers, Silver  Etrema and Alcyone T. Take a bow for the bow of Bow Performer,  And note the cascading flushing of Front Cascade. Spar Indus gets lightered before heading up the North River . . . with the bow of that barge loaded to the marks first. Sider Miami and […]

Random Ships 69

Let’s start with Alice Oldendorff, inbound with a hold full of Nova Scotia stone and about to turn to starboard on her (almost) final approach to Brooklyn.   Alice and I have a long history. YM Wind makes the final approach her into Global Terminals, her first call at sixth boro docks.  In contrast above, […]

Random Ships 68

By the way, did anyone get good photos of Triton, the biggest of the big ULCVs to call in the sixth boro so far?  She was coming under the Bayonne Bridge as first light was breaking.  More on that ULCV at the end of this post. Let me start with two photos I took in […]

Random Ships 67

Ships of all sorts call in the sixth boro.  Quick  post today . . .  showing a range of recent callers. MSC Zlata R, Grande Torino,   Gerhard Schulte,    Elbeborg,   and Adrian Maersk . . . each with a smaller vessel. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Really Random Ships 1

Let’s try a variation:  I’ve random tugs and random ships, in which I’ve confined most pics to a single general location and a a single photographer . . . me.  “Really random tugs” combines locations, eras, and photographers.  So why not do the same with ships, although in this case I’ve taken almost all the […]

Random Ships 66

like route 66, this gets me kicks . . . although I see no ” St. Louis, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City looks oh-mighty pretty.  You’ll see Amarillo, a-Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, don’t forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino….” But I digress.  In the distance it’s Glorious Leader and closer up–not much–it’s Bitu Express getting a delivery from Twin […]