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Random Nola Tugs 5

Kirby pushboat Niceville, named for a Florida town that used to be Boggy, rounds the bend at Algiers Point. Marquette’s St. Peter heads downbound. Classic 1956 George W. Lenzie . .. was built at the Calumet Ship Yard & Dry Dock in Chicago, where Daryl Hannah was also built in 1956, launched three months after George […]

Random Nola Tugs 4

Despite the distance and the fog covering the escutcheon,  I could immediately identify this tug–once a regular on the Hudson and in the sixth boro– on the Mississippi. Let me end out this series with tugboats and other vessels:  Sydney Ann and Brandi, Mary Parker and Port Ship Service Little Ray,  David J. Cooper and Bulk […]

Random Nola Tugs 3

I wonder . . . if I move here, will I tire of watching the traffic pass?   Sometimes there are familiar vessels . . . like Buster Bouchard, but otherwise . . . commerce rafts in vessels never before seen . . . like Fu Kang (almost a racy name?) foreground and Caribe Pearl protruding […]

Random Nola Tugs 2

You might conclude that in this city I do nothing except sit on the riverbank, but the better conclusion is that Nola river traffic volume is phenomenal.  So here’s a sampling of another–say–two hours total traffic, beginning with a vessel that would look entirely at home in NYC’s sixth boro . . . it’s J. […]

Random Nola Tugs 1

I’ll start with the greatest looking tug of all I saw.  It has a name, but I cropped it out and will reveal it as this post goes on.  But isn’t this a beaut?!!  It also has an evocative previous name.  Can you guess her vintage? I’m in the mood for puzzling today, so what’s […]

Random Tugs 156

Navigator . . . until I looked carefully, I assumed she operated out of the Chesapeake/Elizabeth River in Virginia, because her colors are similar to tugs like Kodiak.   But I stand corrected . . . Balico Marine Services . . . I had not known that name.     And Realist, the nearer tug, […]

Random Ships 47

Here and here are previous posts in this spirit, but first, the answer to yesterday’s bridge identification question . . . Joseph Chomicz nailed it . . . it’s Outerbridge Crossing, named for a person of commerce. Today’s question is:  as you look through the photos in this post, can you think of a type […]

Random Ships 45

Here’s an index to the 44 prior posts by this name.  CMA CGM Parsifal here is heavily laden, looks huge–and for the sixth boro is one of the largest that have called to date–almost 11oo’ loa and around 8500 teu-capacity, but relative to the current largest container ship in the world is smaller by half, […]

Really Random Tugs 15

I’m in the sixth boro, but I have more fotos from the southern US, all by a friend who still wishes no credit.  So enjoy –for starters–a NY-built vessel with a New England name working the Neches River via Baltimore in east Texas . . .  Cape Ann. Signet Valiant (ex-Natalie Cole) in Mississippi . . […]

Nola Traffic 4

Quick and succinct:  the way to enter Nola from the east and north is Rte 90.  About 30 miles east of Nola I passed this mystery vessel Poseidon, which looked like a house-forward bulk carrier with a quonset hut over the hold now blown away by a storm.  Anyone know the history? As sun rose […]