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Names 31

Thanks to Gerard Thornton for use of these photos. Steppenwolf, or at least strutting gull.  Beneath the wheel, or at least the wheels of the cranes.  The Glass Bead Game, or at least the metal box shifting enterprise.   Journey to the East, or at least shuttling between east and west and all the other […]

Names 29

Here’s the index of previous “names.” I love surprises, but some pass almost unnoticed to most.  For example, did you know Ernest Hemingway visited the sixth boro a few weeks ago?  The Hemingway IMO 9295177.  Ditto Charles Dickens, earlier this spring.  Now I wish Thomas Pynchon would visit, given that he wrote about it . […]

Names 20

Here was 19. And this fast moving light tanker is Afrodite, shuttling Albany to St. John, NB Canada, exporting Dakota crude.  That all may sound like science fiction, but sometimes I feel like my whole life has started re-enacting science fiction.  Afrodite, she with the intriguing name, sails fast.   This foto, taken between the bridges […]

Meditations V

V . . . void is my head.  Well not entirely.  Vent . . . French for “wind” which was as abundant as rain today.  And I came up with Radio Veronica, the iconic 1960’s pirate radio station in the North Sea.  And V. and Vineland, novels written by one of my favorite writers, Thomas Pynchon, who […]

UFOs and the Sixth Boro

Over two years ago, I wrote my UFOs and Pynchon post, the sixth most-viewed out of 768 posts!  Tangentially related, by now everyone has heard  of the 747 escorted by twin F-16s imprudently crisscrossing the sixth boro yesterday, and I don’t mean to minimize the scare experienced by those who panicked.  Even the Guardian had […]

Relief Crew 6

Credit and thanks to Peter Mello for this mystery contest; check out his great site. . . . so this guy walks into a bar and says he’s just back from lassoing polar bears that he sells to the Bronx Zoo. (Oh, and I have to own up that I’m myself lost in a time […]

People on the Boro 2

Perspective makes all the difference. Robert Frost concluded that was the result when he took the less traveled road? When I’m on the sixth boro, I know a little about those sharing deckspace, but a lot less about folks on other vessels no matter how loud their radio communication. Particularly on work boats, I barely […]

UFOs and Pynchon

The “f” could of course be flying, floating, fabulous… those “f” words just go on. I won’t mention the unmentionable flotsam sometimes referred to as fish of various provenance. Then, there are logs and wooden beams with hardware bobbing just below the surface that could evicerate a “go fast” fiberglass boat jetting across the harbor. […]

Lovesong for Alice

. . . what an idea, tea with Alice. Consider that an invite, my dearest.   Dedicated to Thomas Pynchon for his classic rocket limericks . . . There was this belle bulker named Alice Who enters New York heavy, then leaves in ballast. As she follows that beaut bulbous bow I am oercome with […]