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Retro Sixth Boro 39

Grey Shark assisted out of the Kills by Catherine C.  Miller.  Catherine is still working, but Grey Shark has not moved from its berth in Las Caleras DR in almost three and a half years, so it’s safe to assume she won’t be calling in NYC’s sixth boro any more. By the way, July 2011 […]

Retro Sixth Boro 36

April 1, 2011 … and this was not a joke.  More on this distressed vessel at the end of this post. McCormack Boys and Turecamo Girls with Barney Turecamo.  All three are still working in the same liveries, I believe. Long Island-built Escort was phased out as a certain coal-fired power plant shut down.  She’s […]

Kristin Poling 1

Harold Tartell got it right, again:  the mystery vessel yesterday was indeed this now retired Kristin Poling (ex-Poughkeepsie Socony  (PS), Mobil New York, Captain Sam).  I’ve posted on her here, here, here, and elsewhere.   Kristin was built just over a mile away in Mariner’s Harbor at United Dry Dock. Here’s a previously unpublished foto […]

1934 Ship Revisited

Great shots of Kristin Poling:  from Jag9889, Tom Hoboken, keylimesteve, and Tom Turner.  Here are fotos of the vessel (then-Poughkeepsie Socony) from 1954 and (aground) from 2007.   And I wrote about her here a year and a half ago. I caught her headed westbound on KVK last week, but little did I expect I […]

1934 Ship

A quick search of tugster archives (see left sidebar) shows many previous fotos of one of the more unusual vessels in the boro,  Kristin Poling, a 281′ loa shallow-draft coastal tanker.  Many thanks to Joel for this shot. I took this January 2008 from the KVK.  Kristin was launched as Poughkeepsie Socony from United Dry […]


Members of the Cutler & Poling tanker fleet have appeared here at various times. Recently I had a good view of a fuel-laden Kristin Poling, shown here from bow to stern, all 281 feet of her.   This 73-year-old single-hulled tanker had a sibling vessel named Chester Poling that sank in a storm in 1977, […]

Retro Sixth Boro 10

In only ten years, a lot of changes have happened in the sixth boro.  I wish I’d started this blog 30 years ago to document even more, but 1988 predated blogs, the internet, and digital photography.  Wow . . . how did people relate back then? Joking aside, let’s see some that have moved on. […]