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Retro Sixth Boro 36

April 1, 2011 … and this was not a joke.  More on this distressed vessel at the end of this post. McCormack Boys and Turecamo Girls with Barney Turecamo.  All three are still working in the same liveries, I believe. Long Island-built Escort was phased out as a certain coal-fired power plant shut down.  She’s […]

Kristin Poling 1

Harold Tartell got it right, again:  the mystery vessel yesterday was indeed this now retired Kristin Poling (ex-Poughkeepsie Socony  (PS), Mobil New York, Captain Sam).  I’ve posted on her here, here, here, and elsewhere.   Kristin was built just over a mile away in Mariner’s Harbor at United Dry Dock. Here’s a previously unpublished foto […]

1934 Ship Revisited

Great shots of Kristin Poling:  from Jag9889, Tom Hoboken, keylimesteve, and Tom Turner.  Here are fotos of the vessel (then-Poughkeepsie Socony) from 1954 and (aground) from 2007.   And I wrote about her here a year and a half ago. I caught her headed westbound on KVK last week, but little did I expect I […]

1934 Ship

A quick search of tugster archives (see left sidebar) shows many previous fotos of one of the more unusual vessels in the boro,  Kristin Poling, a 281′ loa shallow-draft coastal tanker.  Many thanks to Joel for this shot. I took this January 2008 from the KVK.  Kristin was launched as Poughkeepsie Socony from United Dry […]


Members of the Cutler & Poling tanker fleet have appeared here at various times. Recently I had a good view of a fuel-laden Kristin Poling, shown here from bow to stern, all 281 feet of her.   This 73-year-old single-hulled tanker had a sibling vessel named Chester Poling that sank in a storm in 1977, […]

Retro Sixth Boro 10

In only ten years, a lot of changes have happened in the sixth boro.  I wish I’d started this blog 30 years ago to document even more, but 1988 predated blogs, the internet, and digital photography.  Wow . . . how did people relate back then? Joking aside, let’s see some that have moved on. […]