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Sarah Dann and 38

Excuse the duplication here, but since this was a long voyage, I’ll repeat some of the early shots and add new ones farther down the page.  A Great Lakes mariner took this is Manitowoc on May 29.  Jeremy Whitman got these as the tow left Manitowoc on May 30.   Jake Van Reenen got this […]

Barges 4

Jeremy Whitman took this photo of the big blue Konecranes #38 crane.  Tail boat is Candace Elise, prior to 2015 known as Stephen Dann, as here.  OXBO is managing the transport. They departed Manitowoc a week or so ago and are now in a very wide portion of the Saint Lawrence, downstream from Gaspé Peninsula.  […]

Other Peoples Photos 86

Click here for the previous 85 posts with this title.  Lead photos today come from former owner of this push boat in West Burlington, Iowa. The vessel, then known as Izona, has since traveled the Interstates and two-lanes to Highlands, NJ, towed by the much-loved Peterbilt of John Zook, of Lewisburg, PA. Maybe you saw […]

Retro Piscataqua Mouth

Yes . . . I’ve been off wifi and away from the sixth boro, sometimes admiring images like the one below.  I’m back now and have more photos from July 2010 to revisit the Piscataqua, and a watershed where I canoed, kayaked, and just generally roamed from 1986 until 2000, along with some hiatuses out […]

San Jose

Under wraps last summer, this new build in Cleveland was ready for the intended client, but  . . . “we have a problem” finalizing the deal, so there had to be another deal. So finally a month ago, San Jose got under way from Cleveland getting through the Saint Lawrence and around Nova Scotia bound for […]

Where are the Props From?

Back in 2008, I had a chance to see a VS-driven tug for the first time here and here.  Since that time, this tug has become Matthew McAllister, a Narragansett Bay-based tug which is McAllister’s only VS tug.  A local set of boats with VS props is operated by the Staten Island ferry.  Here’s a post that […]

Last Hours 2015

One of my (formerly) secret heroes is Guy Noir, secret because I may be revealing too much about myself in admitting that.  But life’s too short to care about drivel like that.   Noir has an office on the 20th floor of the Acme Building in a “city that knows how to keep its secrets,” […]

GHP&W 23: Elizabeth River b

Let’s go farther south–i.e., up the Elizabeth. Covered barge . . . pushed by Gram-Me.  Coal? Capt. Woody and Alexis of w3marine have the best logo.  See it better here. Fleetmate Ocean Endeavor was in yesterday’s post. Lorette is one of two Norfolk tugs that used to be Moran boats. As you can see by the […]

Ports along the ICW

This post is a direct follow-up to one I did a week ago, documenting the 270-nm trip from Kings Point NY to Norfolk aboard USMMA Sailing Foundation vessel Tortuga.  This post documents the second and final leg of the trip to Tortuga‘s winter berth in New Bern NC, a 179-nm trip from Norfolk. Let’s start here. […]

270 nmi to Rendezvous with Kings Pointer

This is day 8 of the GHP&W series, so let me break pattern a bit.  If you missed the beginning, GHP&W is not a law firm; it’s abbrev for “gunk holes, harbors, ports, and wharves.”  I haven’t dusted off any wharves yet, but two-thirds of the months still lie ahead. The story here is that […]