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Retro Sixth Boro 24 B

Some things like winter fishing in the harbor appear not to change in a decade, but Houma will never again move Mary A. Whalen.  Houma, built at Jakobson in 1970, was scrapped in 2017.  PortSide NewYork currently has a berth for the tanker and many other activities in Atlantic Basin, Red Hook. B. E. Lindholm, […]

Special Cheer Port of Philadelphia

Many thanks to Lisa Kolibabek for these photos.  Any guesses what’s happening here, besides a green tug approaching a RORO? See the mariners?  Lowering something? Another ship . . . . Dropping a line . . . What’s that bag at the end of the line between the vessels? Aha!   I include these photos […]

Bluegrass Red Hook

Click on the image below and enjoy the music.  Come out and hear this traditional American music by the Paradise Mountain Boys–and stories about the port of New York history this coming Thursday night in Red Hook.  Details here. I hope you listened to the song above.  Here’s the kicker:  the band is from Norway. […]

Mary Whalen Moves Again

Here were some of the previous Mary Whalen moves.  And here was one return.  A few days ago, Mary Whalen moved into Atlantic Basin, where the 70th birthday party was held and public access will be much easier than it has been for future programming TBA.   This post shows pics taken onboard during the move;  I […]

Stormy Aftermath 7 Months 7 Days

Sandy pushed this 1941 vessel ashore on Staten Island late last October.  The registered owner was from another continent and possibly no longer alive due to unrelated circumstances.  The city took charge and the sheriff’s auction happened today. Viewing and inspection happened from this vantage point.  Sheriffs offered binoculars, though none with x-ray capability. Before […]

Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension 8

I hope you’re enjoying this time warp as much as I am. Foto #1.  Princess Bay northbound through the Old Bay Draw. Foto #2.  When I first met this vessel, she was known as Kristin Poling.  Click here and here for fotos including some of her last month before scrapping. Fotos #3 and 4.  Reliable II […]

Mary Whalen Needs Help

I’ve mentioned or featured Mary Whalen in tons of posts. Click here for the archive.  Over five years ago the blog called “A Brooklynite on Ice” did my all-time favorite post of the vessel and PortSide NewYork here.    “Brooklynite on Ice” title captures her dilemma  . . .  “613 Tons of Homelessness.” She’s twisted […]

Figuring Out by Doing

You may recall a reference here last week to a three-masted schooner story emerging from the haze.  Thanks to PortSide NewYork, I learned about a project to ship cocoa by commercial sail.  And as a TWIC-carrying PortSide volunteer, I was invited into Red Hook Marine Terminal to blog for the  unloading of cocoa from the […]

Eagle 2

Uh . . . I miscalculated and got no new fotos of cutter Eagle today, but John Watson made a smart choice and got these . . . .  Bravo,  John!  Check out this Eagle/Horst Wessel crew reunion blog.  And thanks to PortSide NewYork, this info on visiting hours this weekend aboard Eagle  at Pier 7 […]

Mermaid Parade 2011c

With apologies to Johna, here are the pastries, a merman, a merbike, but no meryak!!  Guess that one will challenge us til next year. Horns aplenty  (more than in Pamplona Seattle)  feted the solstice, as did hooks on lures, harlequins of many genres, spiral horned, orchestrated horns, harlequins with parasols, and here . . . […]