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Port of Sorel-Tracy

The cities of Sorel and Tracy surround the Richelieu River –flowing under those bridges–at the point it empties Lakes Champlain River into the Saint Lawrence.  I’ll admit from the start that I can hardly say I know this place, but here are some photos taken as we passed. Sunny Young was taking on a grain […]

Port of Albany 2

What gives the location away . . . if you’ve never seen Albany, is the prolate spheroid along the right side of the photo.   Prolate spheroid?  Think football.  But actually that one is called the egg.  It’s a performing arts center, and I’ve never been inside. Albany is the new home of Marie J. Turecamo. […]

Port of Oswego 2

The previous post in this series shows the port in  the late 19th century, so I’d say it’s high time to update.  This lighthouse dates to 1934, and I’ve long wondered why the buildings have not received a much-needed re-painting. Oceanis appears not to be a commercial vessel, at least not now, but the hull […]

Port of Akureyri

I’ve done a few dozen “port of” posts in the past few years. I won’t tell you where Akureyri is yet, but the geography is a clue. So is the name of this pilot boat, which was built in this port.  Sleipnir was built in 1995, with dimensions 52′ x 16.4′ and is powered by a single 700 […]

Port of Oswego 1

Many thanks to Ken Deeley for sending along these photos of the port of Oswego in 1890.  I’ll take the panorama below and divide it into three parts, left to right. Yachts shown gathered below in Oswego for an event of the Lake Yachts Racing Association are (l to r) Oriole, Bison, Lotus, Lolantha, Yama*, Merle, Maud B, […]

Port of Southport

I visited Southport once before, six years ago, when I met a wonderful gentleman who showed off his 1938 restored fishing boat Solomon T, here. This time a small dredge operation was going on near shore, involving P&L’s Hercules.  Also there was Sea Oak (whose fleet mates have some great names here)  and   Candice L.  Thanks to […]

Port of Georgetown

Georgetown is South Carolina’s second largest port.  More on that in a moment, but for now, here’s an intriguing photo from the South Carolina Maritime Museum in town.  Where in New York was this steam houseboat built, I wonder.  In the Santee Gun Club notes, it reports that it took four months to deliver Happy Days […]

Port of Kiptopeke

If you don’t recognize the name “kiptopeke,” I’ll just say this is not the Arthur Kill or Nouadhibou or Alang . . .   Note the pelican/gull segregation . . . Guesses? The bridge in the background might be a clue.  There was once a time that you needed a ferry to cross between Norfolk […]

Port of Galveston

Another secret salt’s been photographing, this one in the waters near Galveston, a place I’ve not been. Here he passed San Roberto and Rana Miller, which I have not seen in the sixth boro since 2009. The orange boats are AET, and assist with lightering operations, as does Rana.   Josephine K Miller must be offshore. Mr. […]

Port of Walvis Bay

Are those dunes beyond Durga Devi? Sandy shore and mountains? Durga Devi is a fairly new offshore supply vessel. In the same port, here’s Kamanga, a Cambodian-registered reefer from 1977.  But those are two OSVs or AHSVs in the distance.  So what accounts for this collection of speciality, non-cargo per se vessels? Another reefer here is about […]