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Pirated Post

Since tugster announced he’d be out of Tugster Tower on Christmas day, I broke in to post this puzzler.  Who am I, you might wonder.  I’m not telling, but I know the boss’d like to know the story of these pics. . . taken from a southbound Amtrak from Boston and looking toward the Pelham […]

Talk like Pirate Eyl

Here are an interview and a video clip about the MV Faina, the weapons-carrying RORO currently held by pirates off the Somali coast.  By the way, in the video a wrapped-up pirate identified as Eyl calls himself a member of the Central Region Coast Guard. Kennebeccaptain, recently returned from the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden, has […]

Pirates, Halloween, Etc.

For the record, I dislike the term “etc” except when talking with clairvoyants and enjoy Halloween parties as long as costumes are mostly body paint, glitter, mud, metal, horn, feathers, and scales, or anything non-celebrity/plastic/Hollywood. Pirates? I have low tolerance for them. And where has my laissez-faire self gone? Check out this Yahoo story. Here’s […]

Pirates 3: Grandmothers

Previous posts here have mentioned pirates; an experience I had yesterday prompts another. I was eating a late midday lunch on the third floor balcony of Pier 17 before going sailing a shift of public sails as volunteer on Pioneer. Beside me on a teak deckchair sat a Chinese woman and a 10-year-old I took […]

Pirates 2: At Pier 17’s End

Movies are fun, even pirate ones shot surreptitiously on replica ships, but who needs professionals and long-distance travel . . . alright, Libertalia has been my dream destination for decades. New York has always had its share of subjects of the jolly flags (wags?).   Characters like Sadie the Goat sailed here once, and today […]


… or “pie rats” as a friend says. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a reference to pirates has been on my “about” page almost since day 1. There was also an early post about the hideout of pirates in the Meadowlands. Pirates hid there when that area was covered with a cedar forest; in […]

Travels Without Charley

As you know, I’m just back from a trip.  A few months back, I’d considered taking the bird with me, a la John Steinbeck with his dog.  But he would not have been an easy companion, and since some work was involved, I thought it better to go without Charley, one of Nigel’s many names.  […]

Random Tankers 5

How about a random sample, as the title says.  Afrodite, launched 2005, and dwt of 53k.  I believe that was Normandy arriving.  Usma, not US Military Academy because that’s at West Point NY, but a 2007 tanker with a dwt of 53k. Seameridian, 2001 and right around 50k. Seaenvoy, same fleet as Meridian, but launched […]

Other Peoples Photos 84

Timo Pajunen took this photo back in 2010.  Here are my questions for you:  whose livery?  what mission?  what was McArthur‘s original mission?  I’ll answer at the end of the post. Charles Ritchie took this.  Hawk YTL-153 has fine pedigree:   in 1941, she was built and launched in Pearl Harbor and was present during the […]

2020 Tugster Calendar February

Wow!  Today is already 02/02/2020, so turn the calendar page if you have it. Torm Hilde is featured on the February page. Here are more photos of the tanker from last year. So in the interest of making the calendar part of a “transmedia” project, I decided to see where in the world she might […]