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Chemical Pioneer No More

An icon of the sixth boro will no longer be seen in its waters.  Two days ago, Chemical Pioneer departed through the VZ Narrows for Philadelphia, where she is currently.  After discharging her cargo and being prepared, she will depart the Delaware on a towline to a foreign port to be scrapped.  An icon you […]

Pioneers in the Sixth Boro 2 and More

Here was the first one, two years ago.  Actually . . . this post should be called “waiting for Pioneer, ”  one 1885 steel and iron schooner, said to be transiting through the Kills back to South Street Seaport. But in the unpredictable ways of the sixth boro, this is the first Pioneer that showed up, […]

Chemical Pioneer

The sixth boro really does not have that many tugboats doing ship assist work, so when I see McAllister Responder and Ellen McAllister  move in this formation, no matter the weather, it can mean only one thing . . . ship assist.  Chemical Pioneer has a checkered past with respect to the sixth boro:  she’s […]

Pioneer Sails 2

The previous in the series was here.  I document the conclusion of that sail here.  After the jib gets dropped, the mate secures it on the headrig.  The link in that sentence gets you to a glossary; doubleclick enlarges fotos.  At Buck’s suggestion: music by  Richard Thompson and  Bob Neuwirth. In preparation to lower the […]

More Pioneer: Request

A bit of chain . . . and the onboard scenes like the ones I posted the past two days . . . these are the only views of Pioneer I got.  Simple request:  if you shot any good scenes of Pioneer heeled over or otherwise playing tag in the 20-30 mph winds on Thursday, […]

Pioneer Sails 1

Last fall I caught Pioneer from outboard; yesterday I rode Pioneer on its trip to welcome back schooner Anne and play with Erin Wadder.  This post is mostly intended to document the first part of that ride.  Before leaving the dock, captain and crew confer. This seasoned crew greets passengers as they transition from terra […]

Pioneers in the Sixth Boro

Whatzit?  Here here here are some previous answers to that question, but the foto below, is it abstract art?  I’d put it in a frame and hang it in my gallery.  And the title of this post, is it this sixth boro vessel, or this? Nope.  Here’s the one, but it turns out the name […]


…will soon be sailing again out of South Street Seaport. And it’s a beautiful thing.   I never make comparisons. Once the SSSM season is on, check out the Pioneer ride. Peerless. No comparisons, mind you, but imagine Pioneer up on plane like the YouTube clip. Then imagine Stad Amsterdam scudding along, all 700+ tons […]

Random Tankers 10

Random means all within the past month and all ages and sizes, like Giancarlo D  2016   508′ x 85′. Kmarin Resolution is also a 2016  build, but 820′ x 144′.  Lightering is  Linda Moran with barge Houston.  Linda was the tug spared in the W & D fire back in 2008. Maybe someone can identify […]

Random Ships 93

In several hours yesterday, a diverse set of vessels came by.  I could begin with Chemical Pioneer, a 1968 vessel that’s been calling here in some form for half a century.  She first called here as a container ship, until  her big fire. As Chemical Pioneer was assisted into a berth in Bayonne, an MSC […]