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Pilots 12

Stolt Tenacity came in the other cloudy day . . . she appears on this blog for the first time, but what caught my attention was the small craft that you can see more clearly here. This is called “landing a pilot on the fly,” a 30′ launch landing a pilot on a 600’+ vessel […]

Pilots 11

Here are previous posts in this series.  This post is a tribute to the dangerous but vital role pilots play in shipping. Below, the docking pilot descends onto Marjorie B McAllister. The transition from the gangway to the jacob’s ladder is tricky. Here’s a Moran docking pilot, departing the ship after the ship is underway. […]

Pilots 10

What happens if you build a pilot boat in Massachusetts to be used on the Great Lakes?  It needs to get to its place of use. Thanks to the NY Media Boat, I got these photos this week as the Huron Spirit hurried through the sixth boro.   North of the watery boro, I was […]

Pilots 9

I’d love to know more about this launch . . . in terms of engine and performance. “Launch” is what the pilot service calls this. And this is the PSV (pilot station vessel) Polaris, which has operated off the Port of rotterdam for three plus years now. For some great photos of pilot vessels all over the […]

Pilots 8

It’s the summer station boat and a training platform for pilot apprentices.  Recognize the location? The station boat is on the East River just east of Hell Gate.   From near to far, the bridges are the Hell Gate and then the RFK. Here she passes the Astoria Generating Station on its way to the channel […]

Pilots 7

By this point, I’d ceased thinking this was a fast-moving fishing boat. Here’s a dawn photo I took from the Staten Island side of the Narrows six months back. But this shot, like the top one above, I took at dawn two weeks ago while waiting for the big crane to lift itself above the […]

Pilots 6

Know what’s different about the foto below?  Want to estimate the vintage of the vessel marked PILOT? Lots of things maybe, but before I answer that question from my POV here, let me recap.  This is my 2191 post in this blog, and usually I don’t count.  I just add fotos and text–usually with coffee […]

Pilots 5

Maersk Wisconsin headed out,  . . .  my attention is on the figure between the tugboat and the ship. You know the unseen players on two vessels in this maneuver must be 100% focused here. The way is prepared and the pilot begins the final steps of egress as all eyes remain on him. Once […]

Pilots 4

This article in gCaptain prompted this post:  it could be called to trust or not trust . .  the knot. A tug waits inside the Narrows like this every day, many times.  This time it’s Ellen McAllister. As the vessel enters the Narrows . . . I’m guessing way before this for the other pilot […]

Pilots 3

For a low-emissions all-weather pilot boat, the Dutch port of Rotterdam  looked . . .  to the US.  Kvichak has built for many ports.  Fotos courtesy of Fred Trooster. So would that be a Dutch pilot in middeck with the bare-shoulder uniform? Sandy Hook Pilots, serving the port of New York, have gotten some of […]