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Pilots 12

Stolt Tenacity came in the other cloudy day . . . she appears on this blog for the first time, but what caught my attention was the small craft that you can see more clearly here. This is called “landing a pilot on the fly,” a 30′ launch landing a pilot on a 600’+ vessel […]

Pilots 11

Here are previous posts in this series.  This post is a tribute to the dangerous but vital role pilots play in shipping. Below, the docking pilot descends onto Marjorie B McAllister. The transition from the gangway to the jacob’s ladder is tricky. Here’s a Moran docking pilot, departing the ship after the ship is underway. […]

Pilot Boat No. 1 New York August 2020 Update

Today will be a two-post day.  Here’s the first one, and it follows on this May update.  These photos come thanks to Kevin Oldenburg.  The next post will come in an hour. She was headed up to Feeney’s Shipyard in the Rondout for a continuation of the conversion from oil spill response vessel to pilot […]

Pilot Boat No. 1 New York May 2020 Update

See the exciting announcement at the end of this post. Sunday I got word thanks to Shipshooter–Jonathan Atkin–that the pilot boat-to-be would be moving from Caddell’s back to the Sandy Hook Pilots (SHP) base on Monday morning right around sunrise.  Pilot boat-to-be?  There’s still much work to do before she enters service.  And at 0626, […]

A Pilot’s Life 2

Algoma Mariner (2011) heads upriver with a load of ore.  This time of year and until the St. Lawrence Seaway opens, Montreal is the head of navigation, so that’s where the ore will be discharged and sent further by rail. Pilot exchange at Quebec City is facilitated by Ocean Ross Gaudreault (ORG).     Minutes after […]

Pilots 10

What happens if you build a pilot boat in Massachusetts to be used on the Great Lakes?  It needs to get to its place of use. Thanks to the NY Media Boat, I got these photos this week as the Huron Spirit hurried through the sixth boro.   North of the watery boro, I was […]

A Pilot’s Life

Here’s an article published by the USCG on this profession. And here’s my article/photos from the October 2016 issue of Professional Mariner on Lakes Pilots Association, District 2.  The photos in this post are outtakes from that article. Below the captain of Huron Belle maneuvers into position to switch a District 2 pilot for a District 3 pilot on an […]

1941 Pilot Redux

Earlier this “classic boat” month I posted contemporary photos of Millie B, ex-Pilot, USACE. The first two photos below and the last one come thanks to “Barrel.”  I can’t accurately characterize what each is;  I’ll leave that to you.   The middle two photos below come compliments of William Lafferty, frequent commenter, here, who writes, “[This […]

1941 Pilot

How about this to follow yesterday’s post . . .  this Pilot was one of four completed by Leathem D. Smith Towing and Wrecking Co. in Sturgeon Bay WI in March and April 1941.  Actually, the paint on the bow notwithstanding, she’s now called Millie B.      Here she is just showing off some bare […]

1914 Pilot

I’ve lived most of my life on one side of the Atlantic or another, which leaves me unfamiliar with the Pacific.  Thanks to Mage, frequent commenter on this blog, here’s a classic Pacific vessel, one built at Manuel Goularte’s yard in San Diego in 1914.  According to information on her filed with the National Register of […]