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Pilots 13

I’ve observed that docking pilots often board just south of or north of the VZ Bridge.   Note the two crew, one with a backpack. U-turn and  preparations are made   and then a pilot boards along the KVK.      Any idea who/where Shekou is? It’s in  Guangdong Province, but of course it’s not […]

LL Series of Pilots

Off Campobello Island, the Eastport pilot boat North Sea waited to retrieve the pilot as we headed for sea.  It was April 26, 0540…  This first pilot had been a walk-on before we left Eastport. April 27 at 0530, Portland pilot boat Spring Point came to meet us as we approached.  At 0538, the pilot […]

Sixth Boro Pilot Beer Run

Yesterday morning some pallets got lifted from a terminal in Hunt’s Point in The Bronx by a Hudson River-based liftboat to a Brooklyn-based ex-BUSL.   Meanwhile, a Brooklyn-based crane ship on the hull of a repurposed lube tanker took    position on the East Side of Pier 17.   The lift boat Legs III is […]

Pilot Boat No. 1 February 2022 Update

It’s back, and with reconstruction complete, training can begin.  To see how the new pilot boat got to this point, see updates here from May and August 2020.  For a glimpse of the 1972 vessel this one replaces, click here.   The 1972 pilot boat measures 155′ x 28′;  this rebuilt 1993 OSRV measures 210′ x […]

Pilot Boat No. 1 at the Narrows

Sandy Hook Pilots vessels are the first glimpse of the sixth boro traffic for incoming vessels, but many folks on the sixth boro periphery might rarely see any trace of them or their vessels.  The other windy day, however, they appeared to be training near the VZ Bridge, whose shadow you see as a dark […]

LL Portland to Halifax

Not much to report on the passage  . . . the watery parts of the planet have all the same moods, but as we approached Halifax, Sambro Island Light to port, the locally built pilot boat E. T. Rogers brought a pilot and some excitement.    Atlantic Cedar and other boats prepared to welcome a […]

Something Different 4 Follow-Up

You likely heard about the Hong Kong floating restaurant that sank recently while being towed “somewhere.”  No one was hurt, and it sank in a deep part of the ocean, so it will remain at the bottom, maybe as a venue for the mer-creatures.  Second lives for vessels as restaurants, etc., are tough. Here was […]

LL Eastport to Portland

You’ll understand if I say this is a wicked quick post.  Bear with me.  At the appointed hour, albeit Campobello time rather than Eastport time, we cast off and made for sea. Once away from town, the pilot departed, back for the Eastport station aboard North Sea. We rounded the light off the top of […]

LL Montreal to Toronto

Another quick post.  Names are here:  Theodore alias Pierre Marcotte. Oceanex Connaigra. Newbuild Seaway Trident under a setting moon. Poetry in the wires. Mia Desgagnes Isabelle G Seaway Joan going to a job Seaway Pilot V Fans of Wolfe Island. Gliding past Toronto Islands and into  Toronto at daybreak, where Amy Lynn D is docked. […]

Pilots 12

Stolt Tenacity came in the other cloudy day . . . she appears on this blog for the first time, but what caught my attention was the small craft that you can see more clearly here. This is called “landing a pilot on the fly,” a 30′ launch landing a pilot on a 600’+ vessel […]