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Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 5

or . . . the final installment from the west side of the Atlantic .  .  .  and I’ll use (what I imagine as) NASA times here, but I’ll modify it from “t-minus” to “U–as in underway” minus and plus. So, at U minus 53 minutes, there’s a man-basket dangling off the portside. U minus […]

Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 4

I passed by this afternoon, so here’s a quick post.  Peking seems to have disappeared in this hold. But for scale, check out this photo I took while she was on a dry dock at Caddell’s  nine and a half years ago.  See the yard worker in a white protective suit lower right? Even the […]

Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 3

No need for much language here.  I started these photos around 0830.  Despite some rain, conditions were ideal for this loading . . . or engulfing. Here Dorothy J gently moves the antique barque foot by foot closer to Hamburg. Combo-Dock III, the engulfer, lies in wait. Robert IV assists when needed. Without the zoom, […]

Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 2

I stopped by around midday today.  Trevor had been alongside all morning.  I presume this was loading cargo support materials. Here’s the last post I did where Trevor appeared.   These first two photos are taken from Brooklyn looking across at Staten Island. Time is of the essence here, but I’ll bet working in the 90 degree […]

Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 1

Yesterday at 13:31, Combi-Dock III is in sight . . . 14:04, she approaches the VZ Bridge . . .   I don’t know how many crew are on board, but soon they’ll be quite busy until they depart with their cargo . . .   Peking–I imagine–will float in here, as through a dropped […]

Peking’s Ride

Recall the BOLO post?  Well, today out of the fog she arrived, albeit with an errand to run upriver first. After a six-week run from Shanghai, of which about five days has been northbound from Colon, Panama, she checked into the Ambrose Channel this afternoon.   Dangling anchor means she’ll probably anchor before proceeding. Unless […]

Restless Peking

By June, I’ve heard, Peking will be in Germany, and after watching the barque in the sixth boro for over a decade, I’d have to go abroad to see her next transformations.  Glenn Raymo, whose beat generally keeps him up river, happened to be having lunch in Bayonne yesterday and caught her move from her […]

Decommission Peking

Exactly six years ago I heard a reawakening Peking . .  as I wrote here, I felt a pulse, heard a breath.  A warm flow began to within that shell too cold and too long. . .  Peking in the Upper Bay was calling on buoyancy it once had here south of South America.  I […]

Peking 80 Years Ago

No, here Peking gets escorted up the East River a mere 14 months ago, almost like a human nonagenarian, for a 97-year-old she was when my partner Elizabeth caught this portentous shot.  Portentious, maybe?  Even the tug name–McAllister Responder–sounds like an anonymous institutional care-giver, as in “Hi Peking.  I’m on-call as your responder today.  I […]

Peking 6

By request, more Peking fotos   with a contented crew at the base of the shrouds,   and in them   as a deckhand awaits the order from the pilot to send over a line.   More crew await in the rigging and   in the forepeak resting on a long unmoved anchor windlass. The […]