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Whitherward Pegasus 2021

Posting twice in a day means either good news . .  or not so good.  Many thanks to Luke Gayson for sending me this shot of the 1907 Pegasus taken in the KVK this morning. If you do FB, here’s a link to the project. From the tugster archives, here was a flag of concern from 2015. […]

Pegasus, Lincoln Sea, and DBL 140

As I mentioned before, the other morning brought clear bright light, along with the biting temperatures and wind. Given windy conditions, assistance was everywhere. I forgot to check where Lincoln Sea was arriving from, but she was headed for IMTT.  Alongside DBL 140 was Pegasus. Sharp morning light makes for crisp shadows.     As […]

Whitherward Pegasus 2015

Below is one of my all time favorite photos of Pegasus, taken July 4, 2012.   In fact, a print of this hangs over my dining room table.  The boat that night was in her 105th year.  Click here if you don’t remember life in 1907, when her keel was laid.   If you are […]

Pegasus Morning

After a four-day festival of introducing New York folk to historic vessels and (more) . . .  Pegasus escorts Lehigh Valley 79 back to Red Hook. So if I had to list the “more” in  question, I’d say  . . .  history and stories of the port and days gone by and “fire mops” and […]

Pegasus Afternoon

Today marks the end of the four-day historic ship festival and the official opening of Pier 25.  Friday and Saturday I worked on Pegasus.  Click on that link and you can find details of her history, starting from her inception as Standard Oil No. 16, including a time when she sported the flying horse on […]

Pegasus Weekend b

Mystic Seaport . .  a magical place for me for over 20 years!  I’ve done research there and  watched Amistad being built.  Some fotos of Amistad tomorrow. From this weekend, Mystic has even more magic:  more  fotos of Pegasus there, surrounded by fantastic vessels and people.  Below, from left to right:  Araminta, Cangarda (WOW!!! and more […]

Pegasus Weekend a

Pegasus, westbound across the Sound, is back in the sixth boro as I write, having traversed the American Mediterranean.  She basked in attention of thousands of folks as well as dozens of  vessels who loved her visit.  Where? Mystic!  More fotos tomorrow. All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who–along with the entire  crew– needs some […]

Pegasus Refloated

Let’s start with a mystery shot.  Whatzit?   Answer below. Drydock #8 at Caddell  looked like this around 2:45 yesterday.  It had looked this way, in broad brush strokes, for over a week. Since lunch, the last part of the prop was wirewheeled and these numbers–a maintenance record–stamped into the wheel were revealed.  Unfortunately, this […]

Pegasus High and Dry 2

I could say a skinny man fell through the hole in the prop and tumbled in Alice-in-Wonderland adventures, leaving only his hard hat as clue to his whereabouts.  But that improbable tale has already been told and retold. The truth is . . . obviously this is Pegasus prop. And what a thing of beauty […]

Pegasus High and Dry

Initially I wrote this as a “mystery tug” post.   After a day or so, I changed the title here to “Pegasus High and Dry” since she’s well-known in the sixth boro.  She’s in Caddell’s drydock for a repair involving the tailshaft. To remove the tailshaft, a “portal” gets cut from the rudder.  Notice the […]