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Random Sixth Boro 10

The sixth boro, i.e., the watery part that holds the other boros together, is the one that never sleeps, with current, tides, mechanical denizens and their operators, their flora and fauna,  . . .  I’ll leave the list there for now. You can read the season changing in the fact that Eastern Welder has reappeared […]

Retro Sixth Boro 47

Wow!  It’s time to flip the calendar to March 2022 already; that means flashing back to March 2012.  A photo of Bow Chain on the KVK seems a good place to start, for reasons apparent at the end of this post. Since these “retro” posts highlight what’s no more to be seen, this is a […]

12 Trucks

I’m still stuck on that cypher 12, imagining hypothetical calendars.  So why not some trucks, other transport-for-hire “highway ships” which the blog has also strayed into due to family connections.  If I misidentify any dates here, I’m sure I’ll be corrected, but I hope you enjoy the photos. This 1952 (?) Chevy light truck is […]

People on the Boro 17

Here’s the index.  Here and here are some from far enough back that you can note change on the sixth boro. Any ideas on the photo below?  I believe that’s Robert Burton in the background? Here’s the rest of that image.  The two photos come from Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat, which has […]

Random Ships 33

It’s been a while, since 32. Bowsprite caught Genco Progress headed upriver on Dec 27.  Today the Hong Kong-registered vessel is in  . . . Honduras. Here . .  she photographed Oslo Bulk 5 also heading north.  Today the Singapore-flagged bulkier is passing Miami bound for the other side of Florida. You might remember a […]

Random Sixth Boro 7

Sun rays descend at 75 degrees as Shelby moves a crane 552 with boom raised as nearly to 90 degrees as it can be and still do work . . . Joyce D. Brown . . .  passes IMTT, where a crane rises A morning RIB patrol shadows, weapon pointed upward . . . James […]

Dynamic Sixth Boro 2

Friends have sent two articulating fotos from airplanes .  .  . one in February and the second in March showing parts of the sixth boro.  Imagine the foto below as the face of a clock . . . then the VZ Bridge stretches from one to two o’clock and the eastern end of the KVK […]

Parcel Tanker 2

Stolt’s parcel tankers are unique in appearance, but this dent on the bulbous bow betrays a singular encounter experienced by this vessel.  Ouuf!  No, I don’t know when and where it occurred.  It looks vaguely anatomical. I wonder if this indentation (diminishing of confidence?)  will still be here next time Stolt Confidence visits the sixth […]

Morning KVK 3

0r . . . from Creativity to a Barefoot Princess in the time some folks sleep in on Saturday mornings. 0826 . . . from my office near Snug Harbor, I see this parcel tanker pass inbound. 0828, from near to far . . . Morton S. Bouchard Jr. , Creativity, and UACC Falcon on […]

More Random Traffic March 2012

If “there are eight million stories in the naked city” (#58) and the naked city has six boros, then some 1.333 million stories are set here in the sixth boro . . .  aka the watery part that link the other five, and that’s why I devote time to this every day . . . […]