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Panama Tugs 6

With all the dredging in the Canal, you’d expect spoils hopper barges, and sure enough, we met several.  Cazalla is a 2012 product of SIMA Peru, Chimbote shipyard. Barge 852 pushed by Gorgona I, which I believe is an older boat.  But I’ve been unable to find any information on her age or provenance. Culebra […]

Panama Tugs 5

The sequence now has been US-built pre-2000, Canadian right after 2000, then Chinese with Wärtsiläs, then Chinese with GEs.  Also, bollard pull had gone from 32 to 54 to 61. The next order of tugs went to Armon Astillero (shipyard) in Spain, the shipyard that launched all the tugs in this post.  Cerro Jefe, like the […]

Panama Tugs 4

Rio Indio could have been grouped with yesterday’s post because it’s a Z-Tech 6000:  ASD with 4826 hp Wärtsilä engines with azimuthing 7.8′ propellers in Kort nozzles, generating 61 tons of bollard pull.  I include it here for contrast with the rest of the boats in this post. Calovebora came out the next year (2010) […]

Panama Tugs 3

After the US and Canadian newbuild orders, ACP began an order of Z-tech 6000s from China, Cheoy Lee and Hin Lee Shipyards.  The first three to arrive in Panama were Veraguas 1, Bocas del Toro, and Darién. Compared with the Canadian boats, these were shorter, wider, and more powerful.  Compared with other Z-Tech 6000s, they […]

Panama Tugs 2

Before 2000, the Canal was operated by the Panama Canal Commission; beginning on January 1, 2000 (Y2K), the Commission was replaced by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).  It appears the first tugs purchased by the ACP were from Canada, specifically from Irving Shipbuilding.  One was Colón.  It arrived in Panama in late 2001.   We […]

Panama Tugs 1

Recent tugboat building contracts at the Canal have gone to Chinese and Spanish shipyards. What I did was look at all the (ACP or Panama Canal Authority) tugboat photos I took–and only those–and classify them by age and provenance.  The photos below were the US built tugs I saw, all three built before 2000. Guia, […]

Panama Tugs

Here’s a link to the entire fleet, but for my experience of them, see below. Built in Louisiana or China, they look quite alike. Rio Indio, Veraquas 1, Dolega, Pacora, Cacique, Near to far, Cacique and Calovebora, D. P. McAuliffe, Farfan and back to Veraguas 1. All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Random Tugs 357

Quick photo tribute to the variety of the sixth boro . . . with Kirby and Jonathan C. heading for an assist, Diane B moving petroleum product to the creek terminals, James E. pushing a mini scow, Durham moving a scow named Wheezer, Curtis returning fro the base to her barge, Gregg assisting Lady Malou, […]

Really Random Tugs 47

Location 1?  Do you know this tug? Location 2.  Tug Rachel is with this unusual looking cargo ship, Lihue. Viking pushes southbound past Castle Rock and Comet northbound along the Hudson River. Near the west end of the East River, it’s C. Angelo and near the east end, it’s Navigator with GT Bulkmaster heading west […]

Panama Canal Followup

I’ve been holding on to these photos until my article came out online, which happened yesterday.  You can read it here. For sixth boro watchers or astute followers of this blog, what do you notice about the vessel–Maria Energy–centered as it enters the chamber at Cocoli?  Answer follows.     What Cerro Ancon is doing […]