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Pairs in Fall

I’ve seen lots of pairs in winter, some in spring, but never until now in fall, at least not acknowledged until this post. Two sets of pairs appear below, one Centerline and another Moran, the latter escorting in CSCL South China Sea. Ellen and Patrice here are going to different jobs. Mary Turecamo and James […]

Pairs in Springtime 10

It might as well be spring already.  Well, maybe my wish is that spring were here.  I heard a spurious claim on a TV I visited the other day that March 20 is the planetary beginning of spring in the north but March 1 is the meteorological start of spring.  But it must be true […]

Pairs in Springtime 9

I don’t care that it’s February, but the number of subsequent days with temperatures over 50 degrees in the sixth bor0 tells me it is spring–or has been. Notice the difference between Severn and Fort Schuyler?  Here proximity highlights the difference in height of the upper wheelhouse, but Severn is of the 4200 hp class and […]

Second Lives 16

Take a European canal/river barge . . . .  This one was built in 1963 in Moerbeke, Belgium, by Marinus Faasse.  He named it Leja, the portmanteau word for his parents’ names, Lena and Jacob. Here’s part of the text of an email I received today from Maja Faasse:  “Leja was the second motor barge my parents have […]

Pairs in Winter 3

It’s no surprise that the last time I used this title happened also in the spring.  Morning sun . . . and Gramma Lee T gets paired with her own shadow. Later, Laura K passes Gramma Lee T.  Laura K escorts in NYK Nebula whereas Gramma Lee T stands by Torm Venture, which casts its […]

Thousand Thousand Slimy

How I long to return to the graveyard:  not the words of a misanthrope or exhausted vampire at all.  See frogma’s gallery here.  She has both graveyard and lifeyard pics of ships, as well as one of tugster afloat. But for now, this is the final weekend to see Polybe + Seats production of A […]

More Ghosts 2

Spring sunlight penetrates where winter’s hidden intrigues entertained by hearth or mere candle flame. Secrets then are no longer secret now. In spring ghosts mostly retreat, but sometimes they dare intrude with friendly nudges or unidentifiable noises or scents.     “Don’t you recall what plans we once spawned here in private?” the spirits say. […]