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Pairs in Springtime 8

A confusing pic? This is more clearly Capt. Brian A. and Eric, the two newest McAllisters in the boro, bringing up the stern of Gerd Maersk. Much less similar, Ellen and Patrice here work the bow of an outbound tanker. That top photo may be confusing as the ninth photo here is.  So let me […]

Pairs in Springtime 7

It might as well be spring already.  Well, maybe my wish is that spring were here.  I heard a spurious claim on a TV I visited the other day that March 20 is the planetary beginning of spring in the north but March 1 is the meteorological start of spring.  But it must be true […]

Pairs in Winter

I started this series using a title that was a play on words here. The only clue that Olive L. Moore and self-unloading barge Menominee–formerly a ship built in Maryland–are in winter waters is the sea smoke rising from the water.  Actually, it appears the ATB itself has risen from the water and is floating […]

Pairs 6

Here are all the previous “pairs” post, a direction I glanced at after seeing Bouchard Boys and Linda Lee Bouchard rafted up last weekend . . .  I’m not sure why the formation, but it certainly showed their relative size. And once I see a pattern in one place, I start to notice it in […]

Pairs in Springtime 6

I don’t care that it’s February, but the number of subsequent days with temperatures over 50 degrees in the sixth bor0 tells me it is spring–or has been. Notice the difference between Severn and Fort Schuyler?  Here proximity highlights the difference in height of the upper wheelhouse, but Severn is of the 4200 hp class and […]

Pairs in Springtime 5

Paris this springtime has seen new waterfronts, quite miserable for anyone wedded to the old margins.  Click on the image to read the story. But I’m not focusing here on “paris,” but rather “pairs” that have been “pairing” around the sixth boro.  And that appears to be Flinterland over beyond the warehouses just arrived from Paramaribo. […]

Pairs in Springtime 4

This is a pair, but it’s a digression at the start.  The left side of the image here is the north side plate glass of the Millennium Hotel on Church Street. Here’s the same tower from over five miles farther south.  But the star here is the blue tug, Atlantic Salvor, which two and a […]

Pairs 5

Here was 4.  Pairings suggest to me springtime, and I certainly am ready for that to happen. Here a blindingly cold blue Meagan Ann departs the Kills with a team of scows Cape Sally and Cape Heane.  Are there really capes by these names? From back in January . . . it’s Chesapeake 1000 towed into […]

Pairs in Springtime 3

Here were 1 and  2.  Atlantic Salvor out front and Sarah Ann as steer boat make a working pair moving dredging spoils out for dumping at sea. Here Salvor communes with itself in glassy morning KVK water. Kristy Ann collaborates with Laurie Ann Reinauer to get RTC85 off the dock at IMTT Bayonne. A pair of deckhands […]

Pairs in Springtime 2

 . . . or triplets.  How much can you identify about these three eastbound units?  Doubleclick enlarges fotos.Margaret Moran squares off with the bright orange Michele Jean, semi-concealed Atlantic Salvor and Miss Gill, Mary Gellatly and Colorado-registered Crow’s Nest, Blue Curaçao Citrus and Miller Girls, near-twin Vane Brothers boats, several pairs, very roughly speaking, near […]