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Outbound 5

This series goes way back . . . in fact, the first installment was in 2006 using some photos I took in 2003, on my first trip up the Hudson. What struck me yesterday as Nord Gainer headed out . . . was how much business was being taken care of on the fly . […]

Jetster Outbound

Yesterday’s post requires a complement, so here it is.  The flight out was less turbulent but equally rewarding for folks looking out the window.  Behold the Tappan Zee.  This stretch of the river–from Piermont “pier” (created by the Erie RR) on the west side of the Hudson to Croton Point on the east and a […]

Outbound 4

Wow . . . it’s been six years exactly since I last used this title.   Here’s Friday morning before work, and by Saturday Mare Pacific has moved to the deepwater anchorage until the flood spins her outbound. Noises of heavy chain directed my attention here, and I noticed the angle and scope had changed. Exhaust […]

Outbound 3

Watching traffic recently was especially interesting, given the sky. Check the gloom around this outbound Moran tug. It’s Brendan Turecamo, I think. It’s headed out to bring in ZPMC’s Zhen Hua 10, featured yesterday. The deckhand on the stern is preparing the cables. The sky here conjures up the mood of Farley Mowat’s Grey Seas […]

Outbound 2

Check the bow wave off this outbound container ship about a half mile off from the camera;  compare the wave to the height of a single container. This ship hasn’t even passed through the Narrows yet, and it’s doing 15 knots, I’d wager.  Check here to see it in home waters. Minutes later we pitched through the six-foot […]


Troy Lock stops any vessel longer than 300 feet and wider than 43 feet. It is 134 nautical miles back to the Battery, mostly south to the heart of New York harbor. Notice the signal light positioned in front of the lock house is giving a red light.  From Troy, let’s head southward. Eight miles […]

Random Tugs 329

Sea Fox as a cold front moves across the Upper Bay. Mary Turecamo off to the next job. Dorothy J returns from an assist.  I’ve lots more photos of the assist to post soon. Joyce and James eastbound in the KVK to start the work day. Dean Reinauer heads over to fuel up. Kings Point […]


I’ve seen blue, orange, and white.  Green is the only remaining Seatrade specialized reefer I’ve yet to photograph.  The other day I caught Seatrade Red outbound. Jonathan C. accompanied her out to retrieve the pilot. Seatrade was established in 1951, and chose to focus on small reefer vessels.  The fleet is comprised of about 50 […]

Glimpses of Gowanus 4

I can’t leave you on the Gowanus Canal as I did a week ago, so let’s head back.  Here’s a look back; small tug Jimmy moves into our location with a mini mud scow.  Btw, if you’re unfamiliar with Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, here‘s a bit of history. From the inland side of the Ninth Avenue […]

Random Tugs 322

I’m fortunate to live within easy distance of all this activity:  Nathan G, Treasure Coast, B. Franklin Reinauer, an ULCV, Doris Moran, and who knows how much is obscured behind these . . .  And then there’s the crane atop the building to the left and the gull lower right. Or here . . . […]