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Out of the Bayou 9

The multi-colored lines here show the marathon between Pensacola and Crystal River, a shoreline that seemed endless and relatively featureless . . .  .  Each of the colored lines represents a day of travel.  I learned this part of Florida is called the “forgotten coast” or the “big bend of Florida.”  There may be other […]

Out of the Bayou 8

This post covers a day and a half of travel, shown in pink and green.  You’ll understand why by the end of this post. We departed Chandeleur Islands and headed for Mississippi’s Gulf Islands, part of a National Seashore. In the distance off Pascagoula, we saw Crowley tug Achievement and her barge.   No Worries […]

Out of the Bayou 7

This leg of the trip is shown in brown, covering the area of Louisiana coastline from what this link calls the “bird’s foot delta to the St. Bernard delta, which once ended at the Chandeleur Islands.  More on those islands later.  This link shows how the lobes of the delta have changed over time, during […]

Out of the Bayou 6

Day 3 shows up in green . . . from just west of Port Fourchon to just east of SW Pass. We took the stern of C-Fighter on the way, as the ECO boat appeared to head into Fourchon.  Surprising were the number of small fishing boats, out angling and  even anchoring next to platforms; […]

Out of the Bayou 5

Technically we were out of the bayous once we entered the Atchafalaya on day 1.  Ever wonder the derivation of the word “bayou”?  It’s Choctaw for “sluggish watercourse,” and there was not much sluggish about the Atchafalaya. While on word/place name derivations, “atchafalaya” is Choctaw for “long river.” On the annotated map below, red shows […]

Out of the Bayou 4

Before you read this post, you might enjoy studying a Google map satellite view of the area between Port of Iberia and Atchafalaya Bay, about 80 miles away.  Locate Lafayette and then zoom in and go to the SE.  Bays, islands, bayous, and lakes abound.  Soon after we made the eastbound turn onto the GICW, […]

Out of the Bayou 3

The bell hung silent as one prolonged blast signaled departure, and today’s post, a slow one, covers just the two first hours heading out of port of Iberia into the NISDC, as explained here a few weeks ago.  Also check part 1 and part 2 of this title.  That morning a local toothy critter gave […]

Out of the Bayou 2

The cane is still growing, the chili is heating up, along with the air.   This is jump-starting the weather,  and fast-moving winds brings buckets of unforecasted rain.  This rain, not predicted, dropped the temperature 20 degrees in fewer than 20 minutes! Alligator patrols, by mostly submerged A. mississippiensis, never stop. You know what they […]

Out of the Bayou 1

Well . .  or with an accent, I’d say whale . . .  I’m not out of the bayous and sugar fields yet, but it’s getting closer.  When we do leave the dock, there may be several days that not even the robots will be posting, so be patient if this doesn’t update.  Either that, […]

Out of the Bayou . . . Recap 2

In previous posts, you saw photos of lots of oil/gas infrastructure, and two of this rig, Enterprise 351, here and here. I said then I’d come back to this rig because it was the biggest I saw.    It was built in Quebec in 1982.  Note the crewman walking on the rig below and to the […]