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Other Watersheds 17c

As an example of how large this watershed is, the photo below was taken on June 2; at that point Vikingbank was inbound from Sweden upbound near the intersection of the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario and headed for Duluth.  It arrived in Duluth to load grain only June 15!!   Click here for a site […]

Other Watersheds 17b

Back to the jaunt in the St Lawrence watershed, specifically my itinerary was from Clayton mainland to Grindstone Island, then return to the mainland, then southwest to Cape Vincent, and then to Kingston, Ontario.  To get to Kingston from Cape Vincent involves two ferries:  one from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island in Canada and then […]

Other Watersheds 17a

Here’s the index. Since I grew up in western New York and my grandparents lived 30 or so miles off to the right of this photo, crossing this bridge happened several times a year.  It was by far the biggest bridge in my world.   That’s Canada to the right. The bridge was completed in 1937, […]

Other Watersheds 7: The Delaware Redux

Almost exactly a decade ago I did this post.  Today I decided to add to it and broaden the geographic scope.  Stick with me to see how broadened this gets. From the Delaware Memorial Bridge to the entrance of Delaware Bay is about 100 miles.  Near the entrance you see big water and big traffic, […]

Other Watersheds 16

Here’s an index of the series. Can you place the scene below . . . on the other side of the tracks?   Photos come thanks to Elizabeth Wood who’s on her own gallivant. I’ve never been here, but now  . . .  it’s moved way up on my list. It’s Grand Canyon State and […]

Other Watersheds 15

Quick . . . name the fourth largest port in Florida?  The answer is here.  And I’ve long wanted to visit it, and my our good fortune is that recently friends–Allan and Sally–who are excellent photographers did, and here are some they share.   Click here for a photo of Cangarda they took and here for some […]

Other Watersheds 10

Here was 9 in this series, mostly taken by my daughter last summer near the mouth of the Amazon.  And since the holidays allow me to finally get the narrated version from her, I’m adding a set.  She took all of these in Brasil, most in the Amapá state, with a trip over to the Pará state.  […]

Other Watersheds 9

Foto below was taken on July 3, 2012.  Charles D. McAllister . . . featured here dozens of times, was assisting British Harmony (see name on lifeboat) out of IMTT Bayonne . . . for sea.  Where?  Doubleclick enlarges fotos. Related:  note the follow-though handwork demonstrated by the line thrower below.  Where is he?  He’s […]

Other Watersheds 8

For me it starts here . . . in Kennesaw, Georgia.  No . . . not the Passaic River . .  but my interest in visiting Paterson, NJ, which I did last Saturday.  And I got there from Manhattan, by train, in 44 minutes.  But I digress:  three years ago in Kennesaw–visiting family at Christmas, […]

Other Watersheds 7: The Delaware

See Otherwatersheds 6 here.  Many thanks to Jeff Schurr and Capt. John Curdy, who gave me a first-rate tour of 20ish miles of greater Philadelphia waterfront from the Delaware line up to the Delair and Betsy Ross Bridges.  According to a studied source: “Of the 360 major American ports, the Delaware River ranks second in total […]