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Other Watersheds 12c

I hoped to ride Elbe to Maassluis, but due to my misread of the waterbus schedule, we were JUST too late . .  and watched from the quay.  For two short movies of Elbe leaving the dock, check my Facebook page.  

Other Watersheds 12b

Again . . . with limited time available . .  I’ll leave the post to photos.  

Other Watersheds 12

I don’t have a good coonection, but enjoy these photos for now.  The watershed in the Rhine;  waterway is the Maas.  More when I can.  My photo arrangement here is the opposite of what I wanted.  

Other Watersheds 7: The Delaware Redux

Almost exactly a decade ago I did this post.  Today I decided to add to it and broaden the geographic scope.  Stick with me to see how broadened this gets. From the Delaware Memorial Bridge to the entrance of Delaware Bay is about 100 miles.  Near the entrance you see big water and big traffic, […]

12 Lakers b

Are you still making calendars?  Here’s another set of 12 candidates, if my count is right. January could be American Integrity, a product of Sturgeon Bay, WI, 1000′ loa x 105′ and when loaded and photographed from this angle, she looks impossibly long.  Her size keeps her confined to the four upper lakes, being way […]

Other Watersheds 17c

As an example of how large this watershed is, the photo below was taken on June 2; at that point Vikingbank was inbound from Sweden upbound near the intersection of the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario and headed for Duluth.  It arrived in Duluth to load grain only June 15!!   Click here for a site […]

Other Watersheds 17b

Back to the jaunt in the St Lawrence watershed, specifically my itinerary was from Clayton mainland to Grindstone Island, then return to the mainland, then southwest to Cape Vincent, and then to Kingston, Ontario.  To get to Kingston from Cape Vincent involves two ferries:  one from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island in Canada and then […]

Other Watersheds 15

Quick . . . name the fourth largest port in Florida?  The answer is here.  And I’ve long wanted to visit it, and my our good fortune is that recently friends–Allan and Sally–who are excellent photographers did, and here are some they share.   Click here for a photo of Cangarda they took and here for some […]

Other Watersheds 14

Technically, I’ve never finished my posts on watersheds 12 and 13 . . .  the troves of photos from those places have simply been preserved by photos that followed and those stories remain to be finished . . . like most things in life. The photos here, all from Maraki . . .  , offer […]

Other Watersheds 11

The Amazon is a huge treasure.  Whatever H G Buelow was loading this day, its current position is the Mediterranean, having departed Istanbul in the direction of the Suez. Mining and forestry send resources worldwide.  Zhong Xiang is northwest bound off Kuala Lumpur today. Sergi0 Buarque de Holandia is a new Brazil-built oil products tanker.   […]