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Other Peoples Photos 57

Thanks to all of you who send me photos.  M & M McMorrow sent this photo taken at Atlantic Highlands just before Christmas.  And yes, Delta is the best Christmas red. I can’t seem to find a tugboat in the NMFS.NOAA registry called just “Delta.”   Someone help out? Richie Ryden took these photos just […]

Other Peoples Photos 50

From George Conk . . . it’s Ahoskie, taken in Rockland, Maine. from Jonathan Steinman, it’s Franklin Reinauer at sunrise on the East River, passing under–I guess-the Manhattan Bridge. From Allen Baker, earlier this week, it’s Eagle, once again in the sixth boro. From Bjoern Kils . . . it’s Kalmar Nyckle . . . taken […]

Other Peoples Photos 48

All these photos come compliments of frequent commenter Jan van der Doe.  And all were taken in Hamilton Harbour, the southwest corner of the lake where I learned to swim. Hamilton is headquarters for McKeil Marine, whose vessels have been posted on this blog here, here and here. Click here for the specs on Leonard M. […]

Other Peoples Photos 47

A month ago, I posted some really random tugs here, including the one below in the mysterious Miami River.  Yesterday, thanks to Robert Cremer, the tug below was identified as LT-1970, a Higgins Industries October 1953-delivered tug once known as Okinawa.  Thanks much to Robert.  The photo below is taken by Allan Seymour. The next […]

Other Peoples Photos 46

Here’s the index to all previous posts in this series. For today, all come from Jed . .  John Jedrlinic.  Any ideas on the locomotion of the person nearer than Diane Moran, photo taken in Miami in February? The Thomas Dann photo is from almost a year ago. Ditto . . . Schuylkill, taken in […]

Other Peoples Photos 45

Today’s photos come from Xtian Herrou.  See the tug over there, the one the sailor in red must be looking at?  By the way, I’ve posted Xtian’s photos here and here before.  The rigging that dominates the photo below propels a vessel that will be making a stop in the sixth boro this coming summer. […]

Other Peoples Photos 44

Here’s the index to all the preceding posts in this series, and I’m grateful to all for sharing. If you suffer from perfect photographic memory, then the ferry in the middle distance under the bridge will serve as a clue to the location of this shot;  it’s a water bus, an efficient conveyance of passengers […]

Other Peoples Photos 43

Many thanks to John Jedrlinic for these photos . . . C. Angelo (1999) with Sea Shuttle. Treasure Coast (2006) alone and with a possibly unruly Cement Transporter 7700.  Delta (1991) . . . one I’ve never seen before. and Honor (2007). Again thanks to John for sending these along.  John owns up to having a sea travel bug […]

Other Peoples Photos 42

Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this photo . . . gotta move a scow across skinny water?  Only five feet at high water?  Here you go.  Ashley took the photo in Tampa Bay. And thanks to my sister aboard Maraki . . . which departed Trinidadan waters yesterday.  It’s Island Intervention, a Vanuatu-flagged oil well stimulation […]

Other Peoples Photos 41

These photos come thanks to Allen Baker, whose most recent photos you saw here. I’ll just use his description:  “Heading east in the Long Island Sound on 27 December, just an incredible sky looking aft as we made our way east…. Tangier Island heading across the upper bay with the lower Manhattan skyline as a […]