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Orange Sun 2

Quick post today . . . If you ask me what has been the biggest surprise since I moved to NYC, discovered the sixth boro’s delights, and began tracking its flora, fauna, and mechanica, I’d say the the orange juice ships. Orange Sun came off the ways in 2007, and has called in the sixth […]

Orange Sun

Here are previous posts with this vessel, but first, decide what color the metal below is.  I’ll come back to this photo. When a tug has a sheet the bow, it means one thing about the vessel involved in the assist. A fleet of fruit juice tankers like this floats the oceans. Maybe someone can comment […]

Curious Orange

. . . or citrus yellow . . .  there was a movie almost half a century ago that intrigued me as a teenager, and the phrase has stuck.  But this post is about those tanker that call in the sixth boro with orange juice.  Click here to learn more about the Brazilian orange juice […]

Orange Juice

But first, an orange digression leaving the Narrows this morning under the tow of Michael J. McAllister, with Resolute alongside.  Is it Senator John J. Marchi or Guy V. Molinari?  These years maintenance is done in Virginia, and here are fotos from just under a year ago of Marchi at sea.  Is special ballasting need […]

Arthur Kill Orange 2

For a bit more context than yesterday’s post . . . I visited the AK twice yesterday . . . before my “shift”  started and at a break eight hours later.  Doubleclick enlarges fotos. At 0651, I caught my first glimpse of Bayonne’s new landmark. I know about the “green flash” at dawn and dusk; […]

Arthur Kill Orange

Call this a 4000+ word post.  Arthur Kill is the complement of the much referred-to KVK, and it’s gorgeous, here at sunrise, just before 7 am. I hope you agree what they say about the picture-word number correspondence.  If so, this post has about 4,058 words. Coot? Here’s a dismal afternoon, 14:45 brightened by Eagle […]

Non-Orange Ferries

Bowsprite’s rendering of the orange aka ġeolurēad Staten Island ferry John F. Kennedy feels like a sip of warm cider on a cold autumn evening.   The Staten Island ferry adopted this color–clever . . .  they picked a color that both promoted visibility/safety and nodded to heritage–in 1926.  Before that, the color was basic […]

Speedy Orange

She speeds between a McAllister and a tanker, dashes past some more tugs, and carrying the checkered flag speeds westbound in KVK toward Newark Bay. What’s that flag? What missions lie ahead? Check the Sea Ark site here to see what non-orange boats they build. Unrelated to the speedy Michele Jean, check out “Secrets of […]

Orange 3

What’s orange: Life jackets, signal smoke flares, lifeboats . . . lots of stuff. So is this handysize UPT chemical tanker named Cape Bruny escorted in at sunrise by a brace of McAllister tugs. Any guess where Cape Bruny lies? Answer follows.   Notice how busy the Arthur Kill was this morning.   McAllister Responder […]

Orange 2

Westbound on the KVK the other evening, I enjoyed a sunset that complemented the colors of Carol, offloading in Bayonne. Check out what she carries on the portside of her super structure just forward of the life boat. I’ve never noticed a prop stored there before. Doesn’t it remind you of the fender storage on […]