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Orange Ocean

I’ve wondered about these smaller vessels in Arthur Kill for almost as long as I’ve been doing this blog, which is now in its 12th month. They all have orange hulls, and the naming system alludes to the oceans of our planet. Guess their provenance? Answer is given below.   Here Arctic Ocean is offloaded […]

Orange Sun

Here are previous posts with this vessel, but first, decide what color the metal below is.  I’ll come back to this photo. When a tug has a sheet the bow, it means one thing about the vessel involved in the assist. A fleet of fruit juice tankers like this floats the oceans. Maybe someone can comment […]

Orange 4

Orange 3 featured a tanker; below is a container ship that shares simply the first part of a name. To see Cap San Lorenzo in Santos, Brazil, click here. To see Eagle Boston paired with a trawler, click here. To see Vallermosa in Tunisia, showing docking lines laid out on the bow and a tug […]

Orange 3

What’s orange: Life jackets, signal smoke flares, lifeboats . . . lots of stuff. So is this handysize UPT chemical tanker named Cape Bruny escorted in at sunrise by a brace of McAllister tugs. Any guess where Cape Bruny lies? Answer follows.   Notice how busy the Arthur Kill was this morning.   McAllister Responder […]


After an incomplete spectrum of blog color titles, here’s orange although I’m not satisfied with my pictures..   Container ship Atlantic Ocean and sisters are orange regulars, reefers, but . . .   Aegean Faith is orange and carries the most common fluid into the sixth boro, but I set out to shot something orange […]

Random Tankers 2

That more tankers and fuel barges arrive in the sixth boro in the colder months is just my hunch;  maybe someone reading this can supply numbers to prove or disprove this.  It would make sense, given that there’s the need for heating.  In any case, let’s look at some vessels in town in recent months.  […]

Fog 20

Too bad this intriguingly named RORO was so far away when I saw it.  Actually Drive Green is the project;  the actual vessel name is Drive Green Highway.  The project seeks to reduce NOx and CO2; it’s more streamlined, uses slippery hull coating, incorporates solar-powered LED lighting throughout the ship, and more.  Click here for […]

12 Salties

I’d put Orsula down as saltie, an ocean-going vessel of dimensions that allow her to travel deep freshwater inland, here a few days after the longest day of 2017 as far inland as Duluth; that’s 2000 miles from the Ocean.  In fact, here she’s headed for Europe, likely with a cargo of grain.  Last year, […]

Names 29

Here’s the index of previous “names.” I love surprises, but some pass almost unnoticed to most.  For example, did you know Ernest Hemingway visited the sixth boro a few weeks ago?  The Hemingway IMO 9295177.  Ditto Charles Dickens, earlier this spring.  Now I wish Thomas Pynchon would visit, given that he wrote about it . […]

Random Ships 33

It’s been a while, since 32. Bowsprite caught Genco Progress headed upriver on Dec 27.  Today the Hong Kong-registered vessel is in  . . . Honduras. Here . .  she photographed Oslo Bulk 5 also heading north.  Today the Singapore-flagged bulkier is passing Miami bound for the other side of Florida. You might remember a […]