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Retro Sixth Boro 40 A

Happy August 2021.  And “Wow!”  That is almost always my reaction when I jump back a decade into the archives.  This riveted tug  was 83 years old when I took this photo, and I looked at that deep rounded icebreaker hull and imagined it would go on working forever.  Now it’s 93 years old, and […]

Congestion 5

Sometimes the sixth boro gets crowded, as you can see from these posts.  This post tries to show that, but keep in mind that foreshortening makes these vessels seem closer than they are–the two ships below are more than a mile apart.  Keep in mind also that a water channel is a dynamic medium, current […]

Dutch Tugs 8

These photos come via Jan van der Doe and were taken by Jan Oosterboer in the Lekhaven area of Rotterdam. Lingestroom, a Damen Shoalbuster 3512 design and launched in 2017, measures 114′ x 39′ and is powered by triple screw driven by three Caterpillar C32-TTA SCAC. Unrelated, notice the stack for the Atlanship SA orange juice tanker […]

Orange Sun 2

Quick post today . . . If you ask me what has been the biggest surprise since I moved to NYC, discovered the sixth boro’s delights, and began tracking its flora, fauna, and mechanica, I’d say the the orange juice ships. Orange Sun came off the ways in 2007, and has called in the sixth […]

Random Ships 76

Lest someone think all container ships built these days or calling in the sixth boro are ULCVs, consider YM Evolution.  She was launched less than 10 years ago and has a teu capacity less than 5000.  The company is based in Taiwan. I’ve seen Ebony Ray before, but this is the first time I post […]

Retro Sixth Boro 2

A few days ago I stumbled into a rabbit hole and enjoyed it down there.  I won’t stay in 2008 for too long, but evolution I found in the ship department intrigued me, change change change. It also made concrete the reality of the scrapyards in  the less-touristed ocean-margins of the globe. Take Orange Star; […]

Random Ships 48

Random, but mostly a celebration of orange.  Click here and you’ll see how obsessive i’ve been about these juice tankers.  More even than about wine tankers, which I’ve no knowledge of ever seeing.  Milk tankers, you ask?  Well, if you mean the ones that travel from farm to processing/bottling plant, I’m familiar with them but […]

Thanks to JS

First . . . click on the photo below to see its context on Auke Visser’s T-tanker page. What do you suppose its cargo was as Angelo Petri?    It bore that name from 1957 until 1970, and I believe it entered the Narrows bound for Port Newark many times during that period. As you […]

Random Ships 33

It’s been a while, since 32. Bowsprite caught Genco Progress headed upriver on Dec 27.  Today the Hong Kong-registered vessel is in  . . . Honduras. Here . .  she photographed Oslo Bulk 5 also heading north.  Today the Singapore-flagged bulkier is passing Miami bound for the other side of Florida. You might remember a […]

Curious Orange

. . . or citrus yellow . . .  there was a movie almost half a century ago that intrigued me as a teenager, and the phrase has stuck.  But this post is about those tanker that call in the sixth boro with orange juice.  Click here to learn more about the Brazilian orange juice […]