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Ooops! 4

Click here for previous installments. Shift happens!  It appears here the crew secured the tumbled containers as best they could with chains.     And yet another view. These were on a vessel that came into the sixth boro yesterday, but I don’t know how long ago this cascade occurred or if any other boxes […]

Ooops! 3

Although Magdalen Island was asked nicely, it would not move.  It would NOT divert its course 15 degrees north. Thanks to Dock and Kate Shuter for sending along these fotos. Stuff sometimes happens. . . and we feel major headaches.  

Ooops! 2

A few weeks ago I saw a burst container coming into the KVK.  Repair it?  Maybe . . . Otherwise . . . repurpose it.  Or just keep one that brings a shipment.  Office needed?  I got it. Put some fronds here and there.  Throw on some netting  . . . and you could be […]


From a distance, I thought a tarp covered the outside of this container, but as it approached, it was clearly a ruptured wall. What amazes me more than seeing this on Maersk Vallvik is that I haven’t seen damaged containers before this time. A further surprise, though, is that according to the “port history” printed […]

Tanks in Boxes on Ships

More Gowanus soon, but for now, this follows a post from a few years back called “boxes on ships,” but what begs for attention here is the number of less common containers, these by a company called Agmark.  Maersk Vallvik actually has two centers of liquid bulk containers, Agmark toward the stern and Bertschi farther […]

Southern Ship 3

Ooops!  It’s later than I thought. When Cape Moss arrived in the sixth boro the other day, she was 16 days and 10 hours out of Cape Town. Kirby Moran assisted as she entered the Kills. Compared with the largest container vessels that come into port here these days, this 2011 ship is modest. It […]

Where There’s Pigs . . .

ooops, new pigs, there must have been an incident. A little background . . . .  A conductor of the The Timbuctoo, Khartoum & Western Railway Marching Band & Chowder Society emailed me yesterday about what they said was “strange small boat activity” just north of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.   Since I was in the […]

Canal Boats 10 b

Ooops!  I skipped two from my archives . .  BB 152 and BB x … 0349 Anyone know how many of these boats my archives lack?  


Personal disclosure:  I used to enjoy playing football, but I’ve never watched a Super Bowl game.  I certainly have no feelings at all about any team, any sport.  But with all this talk of seahawks and broncos on ground hog day, I’m not oblivious: ground pork meatballs will go in my lunch stew.  This morning […]

Random Tugs 106

Upriver at Magdalen Island, here’s a followup to Ooops 3 . . . Mary Alice  (1974) brings in bucket on dredge Delaware Bay (2006) to begin process of raising the beached scow.  That’s Leopard Albany-bound on left side of page.  See Leopard anchored  in the sixth boro in the second foto here. These fotos come thanks to […]