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Onrust Splash Plus One one year, that is, not quite.  A year ago, work to ready the vessel for a mid-May splash reached frenzied levels, but the Adriaen aka Aerjan Block replica made an early June appointment to be part of River Day.  Here Onrust follows Half Moon in the direction of Tappan Zee Bridge, distant background. Here […]

Onrust Up-Rig

Down river . . . awaits,  as does up canal.  The tamarack mast approaches verticality for the first time using the hinge designed to get under low bridges.  The afternoon light, the ship’s lines and natural wood, the crew raising the mast, the absence of 21st-century detail in the background . . . it all […]

Splash!! Onrust! 2

I have been truly privileged to watch Onrust grow:  the ship as well as the community and maybe the community more than the ship even.  Sure, it’s a replica of the first decked vessel in the “new world,” the first American yacht.  Onrust the original was a response to adversity:  Block’s Tyger burnt (sounds like William […]

Splash!! Onrust!

In Fitzcarraldo, they pull a steamboat up a mountain;  in Rotterdam Junction today, they lowered one from the sky . . . or so it seemed from my spot on the bank of the Mohawk. The morning started like this, then trucks came as did the 250-ton capacity crane and caravan of counterweights, red tape […]

Onrust means

“restless” in Dutch.  And restless perfectly describes the efforts of a committed set of folks who have been turning this “woodpile” into a replica of Adriaen Block’s Onrust using some 17th century shipbuilding techniques as taught by Dutch naval archeologist Gerald de Weerdt.  Even the Rocking the Boat folks have joined in, constructing the tender. […]

Bikester 6 Palatine Bridge to Schenectady

Palatine Bridge is where the lodging was, but the trail runs on the south side here, so when I departed at a bit past 0700, I needed to cross back to the Canajoharie side and then head east.  In the middle of the river/canal, a boat heads east as well, to get out of the […]

Virtual Erie Canal 3: Crescent Lake to Rotterdam

After we leave E-6, Crescent Lake lies ahead of us.  Actually it’s an impoundment of the Mohawk behind the power dam and the flight.  Off to port are hazard buoys, demarcating the Mohawk flow that would take you over Crescent Dam and Cohoes Falls, mentioned in the previous post.  To avoid confusion, note that the […]

Retro Sixth Boro 18

Let’s go back to September 2009.  CMA CGM Marlin, launched 2007,  was the standard size back then . . .  The 5092-teu vessel has since been scrapped, after only nine years of service!! Over a dozen sailing barges came to NYC to sail in New York waters in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the […]

Retro Sixth Boro 14

I hope you all are enjoying these glances back a decade as much as I enjoy putting them together.  If you weren’t paying attention back then, this hints at how much the traffic in the harbor has changed, just as it has on the roads.  If you were watching back in spring 2009, you might […]

From “Jacht” to Yacht

You’ve seen Onrust on this blog many times even before she floated.  Click on the link that follows for the time she flew through then air  in transition to taking the waters for the first time. “Jacht“, the term, originates from the Dutch word for hunt.  The “j” in jacht is pronounced like the English “y” […]