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Océan Blue 8

Here was “7” and 1 through 6. This post will run photos from twilight to twilight… Above and below, prosaically Service Boat No. 1 is doing pilot exchange duty.  She’s not large or particularly powerful or new, but in twilight before dawn she looked and sounded formidable. Ocean Basques, here approaching the Laviolette Bridge, is […]

Océan Blue 6

A 4300 hp product of a Collingwood ON shipyard no longer there . . . it’s Océan Basques. Here’s a better profile, taken a second earlier.  Basques provides ship assists in the port of Trois-Rivieres, QC.   Docked nearby in the same port, it’s Océan Bravo, slightly older and larger though less horsepower,  a product of Quebec’s  […]

Océan Blue 5

Here are the previous in this series. As we depart downstream on this rainy day, Ocean Pierre Julien  heads upstream. Ocean Intrepide stands by Silver Manoora and Mars S.   Over alongside Sorel-Tracy, Ocean Jupiter heads upstream for reasons beyond my ken.   The twins wait in Quebec City, and Ocean Serge Genois, farther upstream. […]

Océan Blue 4

When I first spotted this, I didn’t quite know what was happening.   Cold as it was, I’d put on enough layers to wait. I’d call it path creating, not path finding, Ocean Yvan Desgagnes opening the ice for Le Phil D,  a 1961 Russel Brothers Ltd. vessel.   All photos by Will Van Dorp.  

Océan Blue 3

What’s this . .  a catatug?  A joke of meowman or purr people?  But first, have another look at more Ocean blue tugs posted on this blog before, including the one once called Helen M. McAllister.  Click here and scroll. All the photos today were taken in the port of Montreal.  Let’s start with Ocean Georgie […]

Océan Blue 2

Where has the time gone since I did Ocean Blue 1?  Well, it’s not been wasted.   Ocean blue seems at least as ubiquitous on the lower Saint Lawrence as  green-red G-tugs are to the upper Great Lakes watershed. I took all these photos near their Quebec City base, nestled beneath the illuminated G3 grain elevators […]

Océan Blue 1

A jolly tar sent me some photos that could be a continuation of Other Watersheds 17.  He was there recently, and these photos add to my desire to get back up there, since it’s been 25 years since I last saw this place. Note the pilot boat.  Now I’ll use his words:  “MAERSK PALERMO northbound on St. Lawrence […]

Blueing Beyond the Sixth Boro

Not all . . . . but some boats turned blue as in in this post here.    Like Cheyenne, whose colors over the years are well-documented by Birk and Harold in their site here. The same is true for Caitlin Ann, who has worked for over half century.  Birk and Harold have some documentation of […]

Blues and Kenny Lofton

Call it a fusion of  foto #1 of “Seven Seas 2,”  scuttlebutt I’d heard about the previous lives of Lincoln Sea, colors of a certain animation extravaganza that  did NOT win the “best pic” award at a certain TV event the other night, and a Hindu deity called Vishnu.  What!  Well, they all involve the […]

Retro Sixth Boro 37 B

I’m away from the sixth boro, so here’s another from the vault, archived May 2011.  Twin Tube back then still had her lighter stick.  Lichtenstein now sails as Mr Tigris.  Sand Master, the sand miner, had not yet gone to South America. A company called K-Sea still existed, and Norwegian Sea still sailed. The 1976 […]