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Non-Random Tugs 21

Franklin.  Know the numbers on her or what are your best guesses? Name the tug behind RTC 26? Matthew Tibbetts  1969    92′ x 27′  2000 hp Name the tug with RTC 61? Stephen  1970  100′ x 31′    3000 hp RTC 80? Kristy Ann    2018 110′ x 31′  4560 hp RTC 82? Curtis […]

Non-Random Tugs 20

I don’t want to be too predictable with this title. Check out Miss Madeline and Emma Rose on a foggy morning. Later that foggy day, it was Everly Mist and Emma Rose. That same foggy day, Kirby Moran and  Kimberly Turecamo saw Northern Jubilee out of town. Heading for the next job, Alex and Marjorie B. […]

Non-Random Tugs 19

I’ve noticed and mentioned patterns before today.  A pattern in my book has to be made up of more than two items or occurrences.  So Marilyn George by itself is not a pattern. Having Kimberly Poling show up while Marilyn George was at the IMTT dock is not a pattern either.   Kimberly appeared to […]

Non-Random Tugs 18

I still have March travel photos of new scenes and even towboats I want to post, but it’s good to get back to my favorite old scenes like birds flying high over the boros at sunrise. At that same hour, Rowan M was heading for the Narrows to assist a  a ship arriving.  Later after […]

Non-Random Tugs 17

Cape Canaveral passed me the other day, and it seemed something had changed . . . Had I previously seen this green/blue symbol, like a flame or a drop?  I suspect it may refer to dual fuel capability or aspiration.  Is this a single boat symbol or the unveiling of a new part of the […]

Non-Random Tugs 16

Twins today, but as with any twins, one will be deemed older. Do you know which? Genesis Vigilant used to be called Michigan Service.  Launched in 1981, she’s 99′ x 34′ and propelled by 3000 hp.  The barge GM8001 is 348′ x 75′. Years ago, i errorneously assumed she was an ATB. This barge is […]

Non-Random Tugs 15

By numbers of boats, Vane Brothers has the largest fleet operating in the sixth boro, or maybe it just seems that way because the boats appear uniform, but there are subtle differences in size, power, vintage, and some of you know what else.  It helps to think of this fleet as several classes, not all […]

Non-Random Tugs 14

A big thumbs up to the team for the appearance of this boat.  The livery really pops, especially in the early morning sun.  Silver–if that is the color between the lime green trim lines–this glossy silver is rarely used for tugboats that I know, and I, for one, would love to see it more widely […]

Non-Random Tugs 13

Here’s a post I struggled with yesterday.  The photos are not the best to document what I saw:  a convergence of tugboats that all used to wear the same livery but now bearing new names. Susan Rose used to be Evening Breeze.  Although you can see part of the name plate, the stack has not […]

Non-Random Tugs 12

The idea of recent posts in this series is to look at a single fleet. As temperatures cool off, my perception is that demand for fuels rises, especially in the Northeast.  Let’s look at the Reinauer fleet, starting with a light Nicole. Haggerty Girls exited the KVK into the Upper Bay a few days back. […]