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Non-Random Tugs 7

Previous installments can be found here. Thomas and Ellen, Thomas and Meagan Ann, Meagan Ann and DS 71 Meagan Ann solo Emily Ann and SMM 157, and Brian Nicholas. All photos by Will Van Dorp.  

Non-Random Tugs 6

Non-random  . . . because well . . . they’re not. Sabine, for example, I’d never seen before taking these. . .  here escorting in Zim Texas. Ditto Ironhead, which has to be one of my favorite names. I don’t know much else about this boat. And this one, Thornton Bros . . . this […]

Non-Random Tugs 5

Rick over at Old Salt blog pointed me toward this story.  As to the foto below, I quote from The Hindu of  1/26/2011:  “Letha Sushil, wife of Vice-Admiral K.N. Sushil, Flag Officer Commander-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command, ceremoniously launched the ship on Tuesday.”  The event is the launch of the newbuild barque INS Sudarthshini at Goa […]

Non-Random Tugs 4

NRT 3 ends with a shot and video of Grouper; given an important news bulletin, it’s fitting I start with Grouper in NRT 4.  The news . . . she’s got a NEW LEASE on survival.  As soon as she’s fit to travel west, she’s headed to a spot just north of Detroit.  Such news! […]

Non-Random Tugs 3

This is an exercise in non-random fotos with word associations and any additional required info.  So, here, left to right move Margaret Moran, Admiral’s Launch, and Big Toot (the bright red one).  Big Toot?  Big anything?  Over-compensation.  Unconvincingly so. Penn No. 4 foreground and USS New Jersey background.  If I’d snapped the foto a second […]

Non-Random Tugs 2

Non-random . . . of course.  And all taken in the past five days.  For starters, this is a view from base of Pegasus‘ house as she cruises the Upper Bay for the North River, something she might have done 102 years ago.  This view from this deck in 1907 would survey a radically different […]

Non-Random Tugs

This starts a new series . . . actually all those “random” tugs in the series that went up to 39 (use the search window to trace’em back) were never really random either.  But these . . . this new series . . . I won’t even pretend are “random.”  Like this Pegasus . . […]

Random Tugs 249

The blog is called tugster, and not tatter, taster, tagster or truckster, as much fun as those digressions may be, being able to be a bit obsessively focused, this is the 249th installment!   If you add in the non-random tug posts, it’s even more than 249. W. O. Decker, the only wooden-hulled tug in […]

Random Tugs 65

Maria J (ex-Jesus Saves) . .  .63′ loa (length overall),  you’ve seen her here at least once before;  since that link mentions vhf chatter, you must see bowsprite’s latest creations and transcriptions.   Maria J was quickly overtaken by the three Brants.  Remember, for most fotos, doubleclick enlarges. Crystal Cutler . .  . 67′ loa, […]

Random Tugs 33

Kudos to Harold E. Tartell for correctly identifying the “mystery tug” in RT 32 as  Harry McNeal.  I took the foto below at Howland’s Hook May 2008.   (McNeal …Louisiana 1965.) Here are more.  Weeks’ Virginia, who positioned in the plane-receiving barge about two weeks ago, Ocean   (Virginia …Louisiana 1979, ex-Bayou Babe or “By you, […]