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Nola Surprise

I must get back to downstream and upstream tows on the Mississippi soon, but I seriously misread this oncoming vessel. ¬†Some of you might figure out my misread before the end of this post. What attracted my eye to Florida Enterprise was the superstructure, specifically the cranes overtop the holds. I’d seen structures somewhat like […]

Nola Traffic 1

I’m deep in the “fog of travel,” a phrase I learned from David Hindin.¬† So only the facts, here: Crescent’s Alabama. Marquette’s Blake Denton and Ingram Barge’s David G. Sehrt, sporting her triple stacks. Silver Fox motivated (I think) by Todd G. BW Havis, as seen from Algiers. Bisso’s Capt. Bud Bisso. Greg Turecamo. Ralph […]

Nola Traffic 3

From the air you can see the traffic . . . the sinuous lines it scribes into the legendary river. From the bank, you can see sometimes three tugs abreast (l. to r. Bobby Jones-1966, David G. Sehrt-1965, and Born Again-1974) pushing more than a dozen barges slipping around the turn between Algiers and the […]