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Newtown Creek Watershed

I finally got up there, where the ironclad Monitor was built, where Exxon spilled 1.5 times the amount of oil spilled they did in Prince William Sound, where ghosts of the Mespeatches remain.   Juxtaposing nature and industry hasn’t privileged the Creek, although rehabilitation efforts of the NTC Alliance deserve great applause. Note in the […]

Creek: Newtown 2

All photos in this post come from Paul Strubeck, who has started a blog here called vintagedieseldesign. Mary H is the right size to serve the fuel storage in Newtown Creek, a renowned location in the sixth boro. Here are previous posts I’ve done there. The first oil refinery in the US was sited here, […]

Creek: Newtown

Pegasus traveled with a few dozen stalwarts into one of the least known creeks of the sixth boro yesterday, a rainy late spring day. I’d been there before, once on a sunny fall day.  Then, as yesterday, the car shredders well . . . shredded cars  (See this slide show.) and loaded remnants onto barges […]

Up the Last Creek

Uh . .  any guesses which creek that might be?   It’s still the sleek lines of the GUP carrier once so familiar to folks paying attention to sixth boro traffic. Newtown Creek is now going up a waterway for the last time and what a waterway this is.  From here, she’ll be further dismantled […]

Creek: Rondout

Second in this series, this post attempts to captures quick details on Rondout this weekend, venue for the latest Working on Water (WOW) festival.  Rondout, a creek I’d love to spend much more time on, enters the Hudson about 80 miles north of  the sixth boro, strictly delineated.  The word may be a corruption of […]

Random Tugs 312

It’s the season. I wonder if the Kimberly crew has marked other holidays and I missed it.  I did catch the red-clad guy almost a year ago. Mary H and her barge Patriot is likely headed for Newtown Creek.  The 1981 build, such a clean looking tug, has been working in the sixth boro for […]

Tagster 6

Today I pass a personal milestone . . . er, year stone, so the editors in Tugster Tower allow me to veer off topic . . .  first, to muse about the effect of picking up a camera and navigating life with it.  While I mostly photograph “sixth boro … and beyond” things that float, […]

Something Different 35

What is the possible identity of the Moran tug below?  We really don’t know. The source is Xtian Herrou, a regular tugster reader and commenter.  He writes:  “Seen yesterday during a local model expo at Crozon  in Brittany, France.  The tug is very small (scale 1/400) and there is not really a name, just white […]

Time Warp 2

I did this once before here.  This time I was deleting near duplicates to limit the size of my photo library to accommodate the many photos I brought back from the gallivants, and my mind quickly formed today’s post.  Enjoy all these from August through October 2009 and marvel at how much the harbor changes.  […]

Morning KVK 4

0633 . . . the other morning, a quarter hour after sunrise. 30 seconds later, at a different angle. It’s really about light.         0832  The good light is gone.  Time to move on to something else.   But wait . .  are those the towers of the new Goethals Bridge along […]