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Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 7

She first came through bit over a month ago, but I missed her.  But two days ago, I had no work,  a coin or two in my pocket and nothing to interest me on shore,  I decided to do my Otis Redding thing, and look at the watery world  . . . Seeing this new […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 6

. . . or at least among the newest. Above,  the new Governors Island ferry–I am a bit late with this but had not seen it until a few days ago–and the previous one–Coursen–meet.  For a vintage photo of Coursen with a USCG bowstripe, click here. I believe it carries vehicles as well as passengers, […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 5 Christening

Eleven years ago I missed a christening because of work.  Then last year I missed one again for the same reason.  But last night, neither work nor weather could have  kept me away. Ava (rhymes with “java”) M. McAllister has already been working in the harbor about a month, but time needed to be carved […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 5

Ava M McAllister has assisted at least three ships already, and she’d been in the sixth boro less than  36 hours when i took these photos. No doubt her largest so far was YM Wind, which she’s assisting here with her twin Capt. Brian A. Barely less than a year ago I missed the dual […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 4

Superlatives, like newest, biggest, worst, most sophisticated . . . , will always be temporary designations.  Not long ago, Cape Henry held the distinction of newest tugboat in the boro, but since then, another has arrived.  And in our temporal world, the future will bring another with that uniqueness . . . Evening Breeze came […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 3

Is it Jonathan C Moran, which arrived in the sixth boro at some point in the past month? It was. Actually, as of now, it IS Jack T Moran, which arrived via the East River yesterday afternoon, and will be christened along with Jonathan C, in a double ceremony at noon today. More soon.  All […]

More Newest Hull 2

The next three fotos come compliments of Rod Smith, whose Narragansett Bay Shipping site does a thorough job of documenting many things including all newbuilds worked on at Senesco Marine, where the new Caddell’s drydock was constructed.   Here’s the launch day, performed by rolling airbags.  See the upper wheelhouse of newbuild Dean Reinauer to […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 2

A month ago I caught this small drydock floating in.    Today at noon Doris Moran with James Turecamo assisting dragged this huge newbuild under the Brooklyn Bridge, the very same day this tip was added to the WTC1 spire.  Also, it was about 175 days ago that some parts for the spire came barging […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro

I suspected as much when I saw this train . . . although I was quite surprised by the tug out front. I hadn’t seen Yemitzis under way for a few years now.   Yemitzis dates from 1954, launched as Pennsylvania RailRoad’s Philadelphia, hull 227.  Here‘s the link. . .  but scroll about 2/3 through […]

Random Tugs 316

Bobbie Ann departs the sixth boro with some GLDD equipment.  Little did I know at the time that Bobbie Ann had left the sixth boro a decade ago, then as Vera K. Ernest Campbell wrestles along a double hull bunker barge. I wonder why the Centerline Logistics lion has not yet been added to her […]