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Narrows Dawn 4

Here are previous installments.  What’s different here is that in this case I’m inside  the Narrows and shooting to the east and north. Yankee passes in light before sunrise. I rotate the lens 90 degrees to the right and Margaret stands by along with James D to support Maersk Chicago, anchored in Stapleton.  As I […]

Narrows Dawn 3

I know others witnessed dawn this morning as the big pink ship came in . . . . By the way, if you were naming this ONE “bird” ULCV based on this morning’s color, which bird would you choose?  Nah . . . it wasn’t that.  More later. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Narrows Dawn 2

It’s been a while since I used this title.  I went there yesterday morning to have a long walk but beat the impending heat.  Besides, a setting moon over Staten Island beckoned, and I had to be up early anyhow to milk the cows . . .. Well, that was a kink in the time […]

Narrows Dawn

This was the Narrows at 0730 this morning. I joined the ‘scapegoats for morning contemplation . . . to the east and north.  That orange tanker down there, they said, had a name I’d find interesting.    But I couldn’t read it yet. Below us, yacht Dofle Dust was bound for sea past Ratna Shalini. […]

Narrows Encounter 2

It’s been nearly a decade since I last used this title and alluded to that big encounter . . . leading to the settlement of the Hudson River. Looking at the photos I took yesterday morning, it did seem like an encounter as well, one of the type unique to summer.  QM2 had just come […]

Two Hours on the Narrows 3

Here were 2 and the first.  This was Sunday morning August 24 at dawn. Maersk Atlanta was headed out and the lifters –Oops I mean Ardmore Sealifter and  . .  Ichabod Crane–were at different stages of prep to move and and who be that . . . incoming  . .  . hull down? with lots of […]

Narrows Encounter

This morning at dawn,  replica Half Moon, was anchored in Gravesend Bay.  Four hundred years ago, VOC Half Moon was, and worlds began to collide.  Today they continue to collide.  They don’t need to.  Empathize. Let’s dance to our neighbor’s drum as well as to our own.  Foto above was taken at the Salt Festival […]

Random Tugs 295

Blessings of summer heat, if you don’t have to work out in it, are best relished right after dawn, or from the shade.  I chose the first option here as Barney Turecamo, made up to Georgia, gets an assist in rotating from Turecamo Girls. Once pointed, a burst of power from its 5100hp EMDs commits […]

Exotics 11

This is yet again a nautic scene in the Narrows, so I’ll bet you’re wondering why this title. It doesn’t appear all that exotic either, compared with other posts of this title.   But I’m thinking someone might be reaching way back to an epic if pungent voyage in 1987 and figuring this out.   […]

Random Tugs 257

New in town but probably only in as a transient . . . It’s Michael L. Daigle, fleet mate of some Hebert boats that have also passed through the sixth boro and likely working on a dredging project in the region.  Note the white horizontal supports above the wheelhouse door on either side.  I’m guessing they’re […]