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Names 36

Here are all the previous names posts. I sometimes take photos and imagine how I’ll use them, and then later, another photo offers great juxtaposition.  Like this one.  I used it before here. But then another photo jumps into my vantage point and camera, and suggests a different use.  We have The Commissioner above and […]

Names 35

or . . . whatever happened to Surfer Rosa?  As it turns out, she’s still around and at sea, headed from Houston to Iran.  Hmm.  Do you realize there is a surfing scene in Iran? SBI Subaru?  It has nothing to do with the automobile; instead, it’s named for the same constellation as the automobile, […]

Names 34

Given the number of posts I’ve done on names, you’re right to assume they fascinate me.  Of course, the names are just placeholders, but much preferable these names to numbers.   This recent salt ship, for example, could be called Ever Lion . . . if Evergreen had chosen to use animals rather than qualities […]

Names 33

Sometimes posts just write themselves, like this one.  After seeing someone else post a photo of a large tugboat named Abundance and a barge named Stymie, I had to follow suit.  I tried unsuccessfully to find what or where Densa is. Arctic Breeze as a spring morning dawns? Ah . . . the good lord […]

Names 32

Here’s the series. And there, look at that name.   No, not that one. .. this one.  And the paint job–or time elapsed since the most recent one–lends authenticity to the name. She looks to have been “rode hard and put away wet,” but that expression may just apply to horses and this bulk carrier […]

Names 31

Thanks to Gerard Thornton for use of these photos. Steppenwolf, or at least strutting gull.  Beneath the wheel, or at least the wheels of the cranes.  The Glass Bead Game, or at least the metal box shifting enterprise.   Journey to the East, or at least shuttling between east and west and all the other […]

Names 30

This Dutch Girl might be lost . . . parked along the Calcasieu (CAL-ca-zew) River in Cameron, LA.  Anyhow, she’s not to be mistaken for the Dutch Girl that fishes the sixth boro in the cold months. Pretty Jewelry . . . getting caught by false promises can be trouble . . .  Click here for […]

Names 29

Here’s the index of previous “names.” I love surprises, but some pass almost unnoticed to most.  For example, did you know Ernest Hemingway visited the sixth boro a few weeks ago?  The Hemingway IMO 9295177.  Ditto Charles Dickens, earlier this spring.  Now I wish Thomas Pynchon would visit, given that he wrote about it . […]

Names 28

Here are the previous posts in this series.  In today’s post, one word appears in every photo. That word–Neutrino— seemed unlikely, given its New York harbor context.  Some of you might remember Town Hall and Son of Town Hall, creations of Poppa Neutrino, inhabitants of Pier 25 a mere few decades ago. It was all […]

Names 27

Here was 25. Read those place names:  Shellsea, Rowboaten, Flushwick, Rikers Reef, and Yankee Aquarium.  Then there are landmasses like CUNY Island.  The map called NY Sea is the creation of Jeffrey Linn, an Urban Planner/Designer, focusing primarily on walkable communities and Safe Routes to School issues. He writes, “I do a lot of mapping […]