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Mystery Tow 2

Doesn’t that look like the Staten Island shore out beyond this color foto of Utrecht?  And the towline stretches taut with 3100 gross tons of steel, a hull that wants to sprint its 16 knots and some: the bark Peking, late summer 1975, approaching the Narrows for the first time ever, as its previous route […]

Mystery Tow

I almost called this post “mystery tug,” but I’ll identify it as the Wijsmuller tug Utrecht built in Dunkerque, France in 1956.    Fort Wadsworth places the background as Staten Island, and the Verrazano dates the photo as post-1964. The Wijsmuller site here has great fotos that give historical context of their tows and tugs, […]

Dredge Mystery Solved

I’d seen Ocean Tower on AIS earlier and watched it pass along with its tow, but I was focused on something else, so this was my best shot.  I had caught its reddish color, the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock color.  Phil Little caught this photo from his Weehawken cliff.  I believe the tow had […]

Unusual Tow 2

I’ve seen unusual tows before 2019, but it was only then that I started counting.  I’ll add links to previous unusual tows at the end of this post.  So where’s the tow? It’s (l to r) Mary Alice, Laura Maersk, and Emily Ann, all behind Atlantic Enterprise. The story is simple if unfortunate . . […]

East River Mystery 5

Here are the previous installments. Rare as it is to see a chemical tanker traverse the East River, there’s no mystery about this vessel’s identity…  Ginga Lion.  For outatowners, the bridge goes by Koch Bridge, 59th Street Bridge, or Queensboro Bridge. These photos were taken last Wednesday–October 21–by Jonathan Steinman, frequent contributor of photos from along […]

Tugboat or Towboat 2

I’d just consider most of the barge-handlers in the Mississippi watershed to be towboats.   Enjoy this smattering beginning with Jerry Deal (1971) . Ace G (1980) , Ronnie Tucker (1976) , Shirley Franklin  and Connell Smith  (both 1978) , Stephen L. Colby (1967), American Pillar (1976), Nellie (1962) and Katherine Berry (2007), Katherine Berry again and Issaquena (1966), Stephen Foster (1948) […]

East River Mystery 3

This foto arrived today by USPS mail, and I’m eager to learn details I do not know.  I’ll disclose details later.  Clearly it’s the East River with stacks where they no longer stand.  Just to the left of the Chrysler Building, the skyscraper now known as Met Life  still carries the Pan Am name, and […]

Cape Race Mystery Solved

I had something else planned for today, but thanks to Richard’s comment, I couldn’t contain myself if I don’t post this link:  here’s the story of Cape Race.  I love the sails on that collage;  maybe a kite could be added. Also this from Joel, who says he can “give  positive, first-hand confirmation that the […]

East River Mystery 2

The East River is a helluva strait, literally, if you head east through Hell Gate and between South and North Brother Islands.  The Brothers were not only the site of infectious diseases hospitals (ruins of which are visible on the SoBro pix here and more on this in a later post)  but also of the […]

Narrows Mystery

Out by the Narrows yesterday, I saw this red vessel but couldn’t get close enough for an identification. Anyone know? My guess is dredge. That’s Fort Wadsworth in the background. Here’s another shot. It headed toward Hoffman Island and then turned around. Unlike some of my past contests, this one is a real mystery. Drop […]