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Moving Fuel 9

It’s a 24/365 proposition for a petroleum hub.  Here Potomac stands by while  DoubleSkin 58 lighters Kuwaiti crude from Odori. Tanker Boxer settles in with assistance from JRT Moran and  Jonathan C Moran to hold her in place while dock lines get set out.  More on the line boats doing their part in a future […]

Moving Fuel 8

It’s winter, and that’s when I did all the previous posts by this name.  It makes sense, since this is the northern hemisphere.   Saint Louis registered Saint Emilion pushes a light A87 for refilling. Poor air quality days have the benefit that backgrounds beyond a half mile are obscured. On the same foggy morning, Lois […]

Moving Fuel 7

When the temperatures drop and days are short, tug and barges units in the NE get busier than in summer. RTC 42 here gets pushed by Franklin Reinauer, as Gracie–-above–waits at the dock with RTC 109.   A bit later, J. George Betz moves her barge B. No. 210 toward the east. Navigator appears from […]

Random Tugs 330

Here’s an extraordinarily busy photo;  Nicole Leigh is about to ease right around Shooters.  Beyond that tug, a half dozen or so more tugboats, an antenna, a bridge, a refinery, steam . . . Gulf Coast waits in front of a 12-pack of IMTT silos. Navigator continues shuttling around, moving fuel. Buchanan 5 is not […]

Moving Fuel 6

When the cold makes it less pleasant outside,  it’s heating season in the sixth boro and region far and wide.  I’m not sure all these units are moving heating oil, but they are all moving fuel of one sort or another. Can it be that Crystal Cutler has been working here for almost 8 years […]

Canal Tug Project M2

After today, I have one more Matton post from the Canal Society archives.  Below is an aerial shot on the Matton shipyard on the Hudson, the one that closed in 1983 as a Turecamo-owned site. Bart Turecamo had purchased the yard in the mid 1960s , soon after Ralph Matton had died. More info and […]

Moving Fuel 5

As daylight shortens and temperatures plummet, the sixth boro comes to life… as shown by Lucy Reinuer and RTC 83, Pinuccia and New York 30, and Tasman Sea and DBL 102. In fact you see a parade of three units in the distance. All photos by Will Van Dorp. It’s heating season….  

Sailing Cargo 2

This title goes back almost a decade, and this schooner has been doing cargo runs on the Hudson for a while now, but I’d not seen it yet.  Fortunate for me, I finally spotted the boat this past weekend, running from Brooklyn side Upper Bay to Raritan Bay and the Arthur Kill. I’ve posted photos […]

Canal Tug Project D

Tugster gallivants now and then.  It turns out that Albert Gayer did the same thing, as evidenced by this very rich photo clearly taken from the Route 104 bridge crossing the Oswego River and Oswego Canal looking north toward Lake Ontario.  Remember that the image enlarges when you double click on it. The only constants–other […]

Random Tugs 329

Sea Fox as a cold front moves across the Upper Bay. Mary Turecamo off to the next job. Dorothy J returns from an assist.  I’ve lots more photos of the assist to post soon. Joyce and James eastbound in the KVK to start the work day. Dean Reinauer heads over to fuel up. Kings Point […]