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More Cargoes 29

A list of odd cargoes over the years would include an uncovered cigarette boat, other boats, military materiel, never-to-be-used wheel pedestals, port supplies, a Mirage F-1,  . . .  I could go on. At this point, I’d not yet noticed the cargo atop the India-bound Maersk Detroit. Brendan Turecamo retrieved the docking pilot. But that’s […]

More Cargoes 28

With Coursen in the shipyard, and the relatively new and unused Governors Island taking its place, a need for a means to transport motor vehicles between the small island and the bigger island of Manhattan has been created.  Here Shawn Miller moves a barge for that purpose.  I’ve seen Shawn on this run a lot […]

More Cargoes 27

Tugboats move quite the variety of materials around the boro on barges.  The brand spanking new J. Arnold Witte here moves Delaware Bay, a bucket dredge.  Doris Moran moves containers around the boro much quicker than trucks can. I had to throw this in  . . . a late 1950s Chevy pickup was moving a […]

More Cargoes 26

Here are some posts that predate this one:  an uncovered cigarette boat in 2008, a shrink-wrapped yacht in 2009, a pilothouse ketch in 2017, Hornblower Hybrid leaving town last year, and there must be more . . .  See it up suspended there after coming off the ship? The “cradle” is likely a 40′ flat […]

More Cargoes 25

Usually the cargo is invisible, but that’s not always true.  I hadn’t even noticed the cargo when I took this photo of Kimberly Turecamo leaning into the rust streaked Maersk container ship.

More Cargoes 24

Here are previous cargoes posts, but today I could have called this fog as well.  But what is it . . . a happy marina? Oh . . . Hornblower Hybrid , a misnomer, and Amarula Sun, a sport fish . . . It’s a Big Lift vessel with a marina load on its deck.   […]

More Cargoes 23

When Sea Coast towed a barge through the boro the other day, Tony A snapped the next two photos and shared them with me.  And I’m very grateful he did. You recognize the cargo on this deck barge?  That’s Kings Point in the background. And from Norman Brouwer, here are some closer up shots he […]

More Cargoes 22

It’s mid afternoon, and what’s this?  In past years, I’ve posted photos discharging coal in the harbor, loading scrap away from the dock, and lightering salt. Midmorning earlier I’d seen Frances slinging a scow out of Duraport, but I had  no clue where she was headed. Until some hours later.  Frances here delivers an empty […]

More Cargoes 21

Here are previous posts in this series. Floragracht hurries upstream just north of Montreal with a mixed cargo on its deck.  The sail might be re-named Wet Autumn Dream. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Truckster! 26

There’s an old pattern recognition puzzle . . .  one of these is not like the others . . . An Oshkosh FMTV on a US-flagged Maersk ship is not something you see every day. If tugster posts consisted of single photos, the one below would be it today.   It turns out that had […]